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Part 20

All right, let's get some more of those damn rings. Yorkland's up first.

We pick up Lute's "bro" Thunder along the way. Not that I'm going to use him, I just wanted to point him out.

Yorkland's local billionaire has a sick daughter, and he's offering anything to the person who cures her. Coincidentally, he owns one of the rings we're looking for.

Riki apparently resembles a licensed physician.

Riki watches you when you're sleeping...

We get attacked by some sort of demon.

Unfortunately, it pusses out and runs away after a turn.

She's not going to start spinning around and vomiting, is she?

T260G's kind of a bastard.

Well, considering that she's from Yorkland, that should only take another ten years or so.

You know what that means...

Nusakan's all about the 's.

Nope, I think the horrible trauma of playing this quest caused me to forget pretty much everything.

Nusy tells us that we have to wait for the Mollasite to actually possess the girl before beating the hell out of it.

That looks like a possession to me.

Luckily, the Mollasite is pretty damn weak, and this was about all it took.

Actually, Riki, you spent that entire fight healing yourself because the Mollasite kept pounding the stupid out of you.

Ah, so she's hearing voices from the rings, now. Eh, she's probably cured.

We also manage to guilt about 3500 credits out of the guy by talking to him over and over until...

There sure are a lot of billionaires around. We'll meet yet another before this quest is over.

He's in Baccarat, so we mosey on over there.

And inside we find...

He's trying to kill himself.

Riki, being a retard, accidently kicks the guy's chair and nearly kills him.

Mei-ling suggests he sell us the ring and gamble some more with that money. She's a real saint.

But somebody managed to get the ring out of his safe.

Yup. This is Riki's quest, folks.

What follows is a silly chase scene throughout the casino. Please, for the following images, engage your audio player of choice and queue up Yakkity Sax, or at least hum it quietly to yourself.

It was a thrilling sequence. And by "thrilling," I mean "stabbing myself in the eye."

Actually, I think I'd like to murder you.

We're up to five now, I believe. The last one for today's in Shrike.

We're in Sei's Tomb, which you may remember from Red's quest. The idea is the same, we need to gather the three artifacts hidden here.

You may also remember that Red had to struggle against a pair of tough DeadKnights for each of the artifacts. Riki, instead, only has to fight against crappy enemies that you generally see at the beginning of a quest. Yet again, the game pities us for playing as Riki.

All three of the artifacts must be placed here to open the door, which is sad since they're a lot better than what's beyond the door.

Either that, or a dead body. You know, since that's a fucking coffin and we're in a fucking tomb.

Of course, it's some huge skeleton guy. He's Sei, the Deathlord. Sounds like a groovy dude.

I honestly have no idea what the fuck Fei-on is trying to say here. This was in direct responce to Sei's previous line.

It's all purple and shiny.

Sei's pretty intense about being the King of Shrike, even though he's dead and stuff.

Luckily, the rings work their plot device magic and show everyone a vision of Margmel.


And here's Sei's stats (after we got shuttled off to Scrap for some unknown reason ).

We're up to six rings. Tomorrow's update will bring two more, plus a bonus look at the Space Magic quest!