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Part 23


You can actually rename Emelia (and T260G and Lute), but since I've already been calling all these people by their default names in other quests and will continue to do so, I'll just leave it as is. Dunno why they only let you rename those three and nobody else.

We start off in prison.

We flash back briefly (the whole opening segment here goes back and forth in time) to see Emelia heading over to see her boyfriend Ren. They seem to have had some sort of argument (perhaps the one Red witnessed in his quest).

What's this? A women's prison? This is getting hot.

This is getting really hot.

This is getting really hot.

Back to Emelia visiting Ren. He's got a nice TV.

And apparently he's also been murdered by some sort of freaky looking green guy.

Emelia gets questioned by Fuse. Ren was an IRPO agent, you see.

Green men in masks tend to do that to ya.

Fuse is kind of a dick.

Back in prison, the warden is offering a pardon if anyone can get to the Freedom Rune in under five minutes. Not exactly a common practice of prisons, but then we already know the warden's kind of odd.

Emelia and Annie decide to team up.

Annie brings a friend. Man, this is getting nice. :mmmhmm:

Apparently all Despair prison cells come complete with ready-made escape routes.

Also, they apparently let you keep your regular clothes around too.

Here's Emelia's starting stats. They are shit. Well, her Will and Charm are good, but that's not going to do much when every enemy around here can one hit kill her with her 50HP.

Annie and Liza are strong enough to handle things for now, though.

Damn it.

Alright, now Emelia can actually hurt things! Which reminds me, Annie comes equipped with a sword. Where the hell was she hiding that?

But, yeah. This is still essentially the Freedom Rune quest, which I've already done three times in as many quests.

Emelia also happens to have an InfraScope with her, so she makes it around the laser maze pretty easily.

Oh man, I think I just realized where Annie was hiding that sword.

Oh shit, she said it. Now we're screwed.

Centipedes? In my prison escape?

Video: Just a quick one, in case you wanna see what early boss fights are like.

The warden's enjoying this a bit too much.

So what's next for our ex-supermodel, ex-con? Find out soon...

This update was a little short (I would have put it up last night if I hadn't fallen asleep), so I'll try to get something else up tonight as well.