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Part 26

Aw damn, a rerun.

Hey, do you think they might tell us what Cube is this time? Oh.

She realized that it's easier to go along with things instead of waiting for someone to slip you a sleeping pill or something.

Here we are again, on our own.

It's the Commando Suit, this time. Boosts guns. Also a bit sexy.

Another tough guard, but this time there's no avoiding it. I can see why Emelia hates mecs.

It's a Skylab. This one took a couple reloads.

Like I said, Batman jokes.

Emelia's totally getting into this.


Oh boy, the land of beer and !

A chapel? Sounds like an absolutely smashing place for a final boss fight.

Emelia suddenly realizes it's a bit odd for the bad guy to be so helpful and compliant, and asks as such.

Psh, Roufas couldn't get rid of a paper bag. Wait, I didn't do that right.

Yay, question and answer time with Evil Guy!

Dammit, I'm starting to think that nobody knows what that is. Everyone's just pretending they do so they don't look foolish.

Enough foreshadowing for ya?

I find it hard to believe that Roufas's band of Charlie's Angels wannabes and beret-wearing children even registered a blip on Trinity's radar.

Suddenly, quakes and explosions.


Okay, now he's getting too friendly.

This is Roufas talking, by the way. Emelia should switch sides, Gradius is mean.

It's a brooch, no celestial beings changed hands here.

He goes on to tell a story and mention that Emelia reminds him of himself when he was younger. Wait, what?

Emelia asks for his name, but the noise drowns it out.

You didn't leave me for dead this time!

Maybe he just wants to get drunk?

So who is this Mondo guy, anyway? Gotta wait til Lute's quest for that one...

Then we hop on this ship (there's one there, it's a perspective thing) to finish the mission. Bonus Image!

This is probably the quickest I've ever gotten the DSC. Liza makes things too easy.

Next time is the finale for Emelia. Sorry about the short update, but it's a short quest.