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Part 29

Gina's one of those LiveJournal types.

Ildon doesn't waste any time.

If "look like a mystic" means I look like some goofy Ren Faire reject, then yes, I do.

Gina's having some odd thoughts, there. Also sexy.

Back in the castle, we head to one of the coffin rooms.

Note that she's actually wearing some sort of giant rose hat, that's not a huge powder afro.

With Ildon and White Rose in tow, we begin to explore a bit of the castle.

Ildon shushes her before she says much else. (ignore the graphical glitch on the text there, it pops up occasionally)

Gosh, I wonder if we'll fight her in a battle meet her someday...

But, we're supposed to be training, not hearing about the various other women around here.

All right, time to kick some ass!

Note that these are some of the easiest enemies in the game. Blue could beat these things with his damn fists at the start of his quest.

I finally manage to win one. You can keep fighting here (at three battles a time) as long as you want, but it doesn't really do much. You get healed even when you lose, which happens often.

I head back into the main part of the castle after a while.

Growing power? I got killed by a GECKO.


Anyway, going back to Asellus's room causes both White Rose and Ildon to head back to their own areas. You can go back and see them individually, which gets you some extra conversations.


So apparently mystics are born when a dead person receives blood from a full mystic lord. So mystics are vampire...zombie...goths. Or something.

Erm, well, there could be other reasons for that, Asellus...

Now that Ildon's not here to be a jerk, we head back to Rei's room to hear more about her. She was the only one of Orlouge's mistresses to escape from Chateau Aiguille.

Ah, so suicide IS the answer.

We ditch White Rose again and head back to our room.

*insert Akuma joke here*

Aww, she made him cry.


He runs off. We'll see him again eventually.

I decide to run down to Rootville and terrorize the populace.

Gina sure loves this whole internal monolouging thing. She runs off in embarrassment, though.

Aw, she made a friend.

This is in the little giant furnace area of Facinaturu. I can't remember if it ever comes up again, or what it's for. I think this is where Rei killed herself, if I'm remembering correctly.

Hey, it's Ciato, the dick who fucking STABBED ME.

Looks like Asellus wants to be the second person to escape from this place. But is it a good idea to trust a guy who likes to stab people? (NO)

Daring escapes and topless mermaids, next time!