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Part 31

After our run-in with the Little Mermaid, Asellus is ready to head home.

I only screencapped this because I'm pretty sure it's the only time we ever see this region ship image. it is.

Shrike may be our destination, but through the magic of "Having Played the Game Before" I know that going right now is a bad idea.

Asellus heads to Scrap to pick up some buddies.

Lute can't say no. EVER.

Oh, Asellus. You're so sad.

Anyway, nobody else here seems to be willing to join up with a freaky green haired chick, not even Riki. (Gen would have if I'd remembered to go to Devin first)

Luckily Rouge's always willing to help out anyone who isn't a monster or a mec.

And we grab Lute's buddy Thunder as well.

After a bit of training (NOT THAT WE'RE GOING TO GET IN A FIGHT OR ANYTHING), we head back to Shrike.

It's your aunt's house, you don't OWN it.

Auntie fears it might be another one of those Mystictologists.

I dyed it because I AM NOT A ROBOT.

I was stabbed, beaten up by geckos, and gave up half my life force for a nifty sword, but I'm not dead.

This reaction makes me think that abduction by mystics is a common problem in SaGa world. They're like dingos in that way.

Man, your ass got hit.

A reasonable deduction.

Uh-oh, sudden screen darkening is never good.

Video: I added a bit of the pre-fight dialouge into this because the boss is a wuss.

Asellus is a little clingy.

And so we begin a sequence where several mystic goons come and ambush us as we wander around.

The next one comes as we check out Koorong's sewers.

This guy is the Water Sage, and isn't a whole lot different from the first guy.

I think he lasted half a turn longer.

The third one strikes in Kyo's Garden area. What area you get attacked in is random, but there's a handful of places where these guys tend to show up, so I've just been running around those places.

This one's the Green Sage. He's actually weaker than the first two, but he makes up for it with instant-kill attacks and his Fear Barrier.

The barrier activates when you make physical contact with him, and usually confuses the victim (leading to situations where your mini-dinosaur smacks the fuck out of your bard-like dude).

But, he falls as well.

Tired of sending jobbers after us, Orlouge brings out the big guns.

See? She's got big guns. Two of 'em.


Ciato isn't good enough to order pizza.

I was gonna make a Voltron joke here, but I didn't think anyone would get it.

I went to Luminous this time.

I guess the princesses/mistresses don't really get a chance to meet each other. It seems like Orlouge kinda takes them out of their coffins one at a time, and puts them back when he's done. Kind of like an action figure collector, but with more sex.

I dunno. She's really kind.

Orlouge likes to beat women during sex and also not during sex. I think I made this joke already.

Video: We got pounded on a bit here. Especially Thunder. Poor Thunder.

Feel how good it feels to feel.

Eh, she looks like the type who enjoys "punishment."

Ooh, who could it be? I hope it's Santa!

Next time: The final assailant, and a labyrinth! Also, turnips.