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Part 33

Ah, they can rhyme.

Er, in other news, we head back to Owmi to see our pilot friend.

She's dead, Jim. Well, not really, but let's pretend she is for the Star Trek reference's sake.

He drops us off all the eff back here. Oh sure, I don't mind running through the damn cave again or anything.

Rootville is deserted. Of course, it always was, but now there could be a dramatic reason for it or something.


Oh right, the crappy narrator who had the hots for Asellus and hasn't shown up in five game-hours.


It works, surprisingly. Let's barge into the throne room!

Bah, looks like we'll have to run through a final dungeon after all.

We can finally go back and loot all those items from the start of the quest in here. Too bad they're kind of crappy by now.

The back of Chateau Aguilera is a monster-filled path to who knows what. Ildon would shoo us away from here at the start of the quest, but now it's our only path.

These crystals are a free full heal, which is a nifty thing for a final area. Of course, the enemies are so easy to avoid that there's not much use for it.

And what would a final dungeon be without our Giant buddy? This one seems to be guarding something, though.

Surprisingly, this guy ended up being harder than most of the upcoming bosses, as he was pretty good at blocking attacks.

Hmm, looks like we opened a window or something. There was an earlier room with a sealed door...let's go check it out.

Ah, I see, it opened the door. There's probably something very important back there, perhaps something that could determine possible endings or stuff like that...

Eh, I'm sure it's not important.

Oh hay, this is where we got stabbed way back when. Looks like someone cleaned the blood up.

Oh boy, it's Refight Old Bosses time!

Ciato's got sort of a Batman thing going on this time. The two Sonic Bats can regenerate if defeated, at the rate of one bat a turn.

Of course, when you're Mega Windblasting the fuck out of everything each turn, it doesn't really matter.

Bye, Ciato. At least your boss music was better this time.

Zozma felt it was important that he say something.

Oh, Asellus. This is a video game.

She only lasted two turns.

Yay, free 75 power sword! Asellus can finally stop using the Asura (she'll hold onto it for the +7 to all stats, of course).

It's Rastaban. I think he was supposed to be dead. Or something. Maybe?

He's a rebel type guy, and as far as I can tell, he doesn't really have a cause.

He gives us a PlutoArmor and leaves. Eh.

Point of no return and all that.

Always with the flowers.

Erm, wasn't Asellus supposed to be a mistress?

Asellus gives her little "I'm different and that's okay!" speech.

Whoa, don't get all Vader on me, now.

Well, when you put it that way...

Ha, she just told him to go lust himself.

"But not on the balcony. The crumpets are cooling."

Orlouge finally gets to make use of the whole rose-shaped fighting arena thing. He's been waiting for ages.

Video: Final Boss Fight - Orlouge

Oooh, pretty.

Gina has become a grandma. Which is pretty amazing since I neglected to save her and all.

Yeah, go play with yourself. Erm.

Okay, yeah, more lesbian innuendo. But with old people this time. This quest sure is weird.

Ildon should have waited until she got close to some stairs.

Never mind the fact that Ildon and Gina never exchanged a single line of dialouge the whole quest. Yeah, sure, he's a changed man. And stupid.

At least Zozma's still awesome.


Yeah, because of all the White Rose and Gina interaction we saw throughout the plot. Like the one time when...uh...

I guess Asellus prefers her women younger.

Yup, perfectly healthy. Hey look, some stairs!

Weren't your grandkids like...ten?

Boy, that sure sounds like fun.

Oh geez, another one of these...