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Part 36

Ha ha, alcoholism.

Lute's here, as usual. Shockingly, he doesn't offer to join us.

We decide to bother Gen while he's drinking.

Hey, this guy is actually important for once!

Also known as, "That place you sell your extra Osc-Swords at to make money."

Trinity, evil corporation, yadda yadda.

Oh geez, it's Riki...

Riki and Mei-ling join up. OH JOY.

Can't leave our drunk behind.

Hey, we saw this in Riki's quest.

It's pretty much the same deal, just a different overall goal.

Once again, though, that's a fine mustache and derby hat combo he's got going on there.

We get ambushed in one of the side rooms (the slime just chills on the bed there, though).



Then why didn't you just come along in the first place?

Back in the main part of the factory, we have to do the whole sniper thing again. This somehow retroactively makes Riki's quest even more annoying, though I'm not sure how.

Can I keep your hat after I kill you?

Some tractors and stuff. Go watch the Riki video of the same fight if you have some innante need to visualize it.

I really have a hard time thinking some hard-boiled gangster is just going to give up on one of the places he does business just because a drunk and a robot told him to. But hey, not my problem.

...I thought we could be friends...

Yay, discount.

Here we are in Koorong. HeavyG wants to gather some data, so we go out and talk to the populous.

Wow, that's exactly where I keep all my information servers, too!

Inside there's a computer, so we fiddle with it a bit.

Most of it is just random crap.

Some junk about Trinity...

Some stuff about some sort of messenger of death...

And the two important things. So we've got two leads as to where to check out: some guy named Leonard in Manhattan, and the guy we met in Scrap, Nakajima.

Manhattan has a mall, so naturally it's the first stop.

Hmm, perhaps we should speak with that somewhat portly looking gentleman over there. Fuse, of course, would be no help.

We ask him if he knows Leonard, and...

He does know him. Also, the phrase Sir Taco is inherently funny.

Wait, how would you know? It's not like you can know what this Leonard guy thinks, since you're not him and all.


HeavyG gets analyzed, a process which really just involves a lot of pretty flashing colors.

Leonard's only interested in me for my body.

I wonder if Trinity could be important to the plot, since everybody won't shut up about them.

I guess I could make a Vista joke here, but really, that's just lame.

He was a ! Also, how the hell could you determine something like that?

A guy can always use more RAM, I guess.

It gives us a hell of an INT boost, which is nifty.

Sexy. We'll head to Shrike next, where HeavyG will also get sexy. Yeah, baby.