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Part 39

HQ can only be accessed via the Manhattan airport. Probably so Manhattan can actually feel important for once.

I don't know if she's awed to be in his presence, or if she's just frightened that a person who was probably widely reported to be dead is here asking for a flight to some random hidden place.

It's also kind of strange that we can just fly there. I mean, I know it was hidden by numbers or something, but you'd think there'd be defenses or giant monsters there too.

One of the side rooms holds a chest and two enemies.

Engaging one of the enemies gives us a fight against a Skylab. These guys are pretty tough, but HeavyG, Leonard, and PzkwV have really big guns, so we're safe. Every enemy here is a Skylab (sometimes they have other guys with them), meaning this place is great for powering up, both for our mecs and for Gen (he learned 3 techs in the first two fights we had here).

Before too long, HeavyG has picked up PluralSlash and Shock Soldier, both of which are very strong moves. Leonard picks them up as well, and he also gets PopKnight, a stronger version of Shock Soldier.

Basically, this whole place is a path with multiple side rooms each containing an item and some enemies. Simple, straightforward, and pretty useful.

There's also this thing sitting on the ground. It doesn't do anything right now, but maybe later...

Ooh, pretty.

Time to help computer.

Uh, ok. Sure. I have no idea how the heck we'd get Gen and the other humans inside a computer, but hey.

Apparently we all get in somehow. It's a cheery looking place, except for the empty spots that probably lead to a never-ending void or something.


Touching them leads to a fight with some viruses. These things attack in groups of 3-5, but they can do jack squat and they die really quick. Plus, they count as mechs, so we can absorb them after the battle...


The Virus skill is actually harmless, it does nothing unless you have a SecretBoard equipped to the mec, in which case it opens up Jammer and LogicBomb as usable techniques. You can absorb both of them normally, of course, but this lets you use them without having to equip both of them (Not that you'd want to use Jammer anyway). Virus does disable both CombatMastery and ShootingMastery though, so it's probably best not to use it unless you haven't learned LogicBomb on its own.

Debugging will repair some of the terrain, allowing us to move around here. You can also get around by going into the houses and touching appliances and stuff, this will teleport you. Yeah.

Eventually we find this big ol' door.

A quasi-boss fight is waiting on the other end. This is much like the Vitality Rune quest fight, where we must touch the core that's protected by regenerating enemies.

Video: Yeah, this one was pretty simple. HeavyG doesn't really get any interesting bosses until the end of his quest.

This clears out the remaining bugs, allowing us to get over this bridge to a little church area. Inside are a few puzzles.

This one is first. You have to light up all the spots, which you do by walking on them. They turn off if you step on them again. As you can probably see, this puzzle is only hard if you're severely retarded.

This one, on the other hand, took me a while. It's one of those Lights Out puzzles where you have to light all the panels up, but stepping on one changes it and all the bordering puzzles. In my own defense, I have never been good at these. Plus, you have to push the button to change them, and it's not very clear, there's red and blue colors that are the same thing as opposed to the green, which you want, IT WAS HARD OK

Then you have to do another one afterwards which is harder because you can't see the status of some of the panels sometimes.

Oh geez we're in the Matrix.

This is kind of a pointless little conversation but I included it anyway, because that's how I roll.

That thing looks like candy.

Murdering Thyme in his sleep will have to wait.

Basically, this means we're the only 'bot left who can fight RB3. Well, except for whatever that Omega model is...

So RB3's some sort of doomsday machine. Who builds these things, anyway?

And as we know, HeavyG's a special anti-RB3 robot.

Translation: He's gon' blow shit up.

Ah, so this is that Omega model thing.

I'm the kind of guy who likes to wear his new shoes out of the store.

So, this is the Type8 body. Free +15 to all stats, plus the Beam Sword and V-System, which does something or other (I forgot). This is probably the best body of all, at least in my opinion. HeavyG's original body type (Type1) is definetly good as well, though, since you get 7 free slots with which to equip stuff (as mentioned earlier in the thread). It's a toss up, really, but this one looks cooler.

We're gonna need a bigger boat?