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Part 40

Final dungeons are fun.

That's no moon...!

I think RB3 is compensating for something...

I mean, really, that's a lot of giant space cannons he's got there.

You know, they really never tell us who did make it.

Luckily, we're too tiny to be seen.

After landing, we come to this bridge. On the left there, you can see a bunch of cannons. We need to get over to the place that they're firing at, so you know what that means: switches!

We have to head through a maze of sorts first, though. Those lights don't actually do anything, you can walk right through them. So it's pretty easy, actually.

There were two switches, actually, but I think you guys can make do with just seeing one of them.

Now that the area is not actively getting the fuck blasted out of it, we can walk across.

Another area, another set of switches to press. Moving on...

A conga line of enemies approaches us.

You end up fighting nearly all of the enemy mecs in the game in this area, and a few of the weaker ones even have higher stats. They still die pretty quick, though.

After fighting them all, we come to...

Oh geez.

Video: This here's the Mec God. Logic Bomb makes him incontinent.

Power of friendship, etc, etc.

So now we're in RB3's core. This place is a bit confusing. You start out in what looks like a cave. You pretty much have to run through the 5 screens of this place and fight enemies over and over. Once you kill enough... of the screens changes to a tunnel of sorts.

We emerge in a jungle area. Same story here, just gotta keep killing enemies until you can proceed.

Some of the enemies are pretty tough. Yes, this is the exact same Mec God I just fought as a boss. He's still stupidly easy.

I found a BigDigger, too. This is even the stronger, Maelstrom-using version. I beat the hell out of it to get revenge from back in Tartaros. These things are pretty easy now that doing 15-20k damage per turn is no problem.

Yay, transition screen!

Now we're in a desert. Time for another 10-12 fights...(why yes, this place gets tedious. Could you tell?)

After enough battles, we come to this tree, which is apparently RB3's regeneration program. If we kill this, we'll kill RB3.

Robots are built ready, baby!

Video: Final Boss Battle - Genocide Heart

Notes on this battle:

-Genocide Heart will warp us through various areas, each with its own background. The area we're in determines his attacks. So the water area gives him moves like Maelstrom, the volcano area has fire attacks, etc.

-At the start of the fight and in between areas, we'll be in a computer room. There are two things to note about it: The screens show his approximate health. The more that are displaying static, the closer he is to death. The other thing is that he will always attack with his Carnage attack here, which does 300-400 damage to everyone and instantly kills humans (unless you've properly prepared like I have).

-This is definetly one of the hardest fights in the game.

-This fight is AWESOME.

Gen keeps trying to wake HeavyG up (apparently everyone else got dropped off somewhere).

He manages to wake him up (presumably through the tried and true computer repair method of kicking the hell out of it).

Gen is not good with computers.

We've got children to kill maim hug.

Gen would rather go back to his home region (which is filled with ghosts) than go see that creepy big-headed kid.

If only it were the Thyme Investigation Team...

A quick stop off to get changed back to normal...

Well, isn't that precious.