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SaGa Frontier

by RedBoot

Part 5

We're in Koorong now. This is the closest thing the game has to a main city. It's got stores, sewers, and it's the only place that you can get a ship to some of the regions.

Red wanders around and asks people about BlackX, which really isn't the wisest thing to do considering they're a crime syndicate and everything.

Some punks make fun of Red's hair.

Keep telling yourself that.

Red turns back towards the kids again, possibly because he's thought of a witty retort. It becomes apparent the kids are on some sort of drugs.

Apparently drugs turn you into some sort of giant monsters these days. Red and BJ&K make short work of the beast.

Some sort of monk is selling drugs, and Red spies him just offscreen. The monk runs off into the Koorong sewers. Sewer level time!

He's got one of those nifty hats.

The monsters in the sewers are rather weak, especially considering the extra training we've given Red. The Koorong sewers do make for a good training spot for the early game, though.

BJ&K absorbs an evasion program from the enemy mec. They aren't really useful, but he doesn't have much else right now.

We find a Memory Board in the sewers. These things give Mecs quite a good stat boost. BJ&K is a very smart robot right now.

There's a vaguely hidden shop in the sewers. It's got some really good guns, but we can't really afford any of it right now.

Looks like the monk's been here.

Following further, we end up in the back of the Koorong terminal. Up north is the Cygnus, where the monk has fled. Going south brings us to the front of the terminal, which is *bad* because the clerks won't let you go back, meaning you have to go through the entire sewers again. I often forget this.



Seriously, where the hell did they come from?

The Cygnus heads to Kyo next.

Kyo is basically Japan Land. There's nothing here now besides a crappy store, so we'll go to the Syoin. No, I don't know what that means. It's a house or something.

There's a rather dangerous looking mec here, but he just starts talking about philosophy and shit.

He finally gets Red's attention.

Four emperors. Shuzer's one of them. We've met two others. Red presses for more information, but the Cygnus's timing is crappy as usual.

Finally, we end up in Shingrow.

There's some ruins here, but they're closed due to a Martial Arts Tournament being held. We might as well check it out.

Red tries to compete, but masks are required. Well, let's go and use our superpowers for something that's obviously not related to truth and justice!

We have to wait in line again, though.

Red's speech impediment kicks in at the worst possible time.

Our first opponent is soft and weak.

Our second opponent is apparently a Masked Rabbite. How the hell did he make it past the first round?

Our third opponent is actually quite strong, but she wastes all her turns spamming status ailment attacks, which Alkaiser is mostly immune to.

*insert Guilty Gear joke here*

Red picks up a Dodge technique as well.

Our final opponent is this rather large fellow. Initially, he doesn't do much, preferring to do strange things...


Eventually though, he starts to counter every move Red tries, and we are forced to submit.

Dr. Klein is in that picture. He's the little yellow spot there, he just ducked behind the column. This game can be screenshot unfriendly at times.

Alkaiser pursues him, eventually finding a secret passage.

Free item!

Klein's nowhere to be found, but he left some cronies behind.

SacredSong takes out the yellow guys.

And another new technique finishes the Goblin.

As usual. Red's got to do something about that.

Well, there we go. When in doubt, quit your job.

Red's a jerk.

We get dropped off in Hicksville Yorkland, and here is where Red's quest really opens up. We've got four BlackX emperors to crush, and we need to go get some companions in order to do that. (Can you name all four emperors? We've seen all four! Collect them all!)

That's it for today. Next time, Red will fill his team out and figure out just where those damn emperors are hiding.