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Part 45

Now is the time for us to pick up that one mystic guy you were all so enthusiasticly voting for.

Fun note: If you say "Nothing" to Virgil here, he gets mad at you for wasting his time and warps you to the Natural Cave in Koorong. This is actually kind of useful.

Yeah, we saw this in Blue's story, so I won't spend too much time re-explaining the quest.

Of course, we can't just walk in there, they have to increase the game time with a fetch quest.

Being Ring Lord must be a fun job, what with warping people all the time.

Ah, back in Facinaturu, right next to the giant furnace that didn't get used a single damn time in all of Asellus's quest...

Chateau Aiguille remains closed to us. Poor Lute, those mystics won't even give him the time of day.

Gozarus makes us a SandVessel for 1LP. Asura? Sorry folks, not this time. I like Lute's LP like they are, and I'll be picking up a special sword soon anyway.

This guy must spend all his free time in this goofy bar, offering rides outta this place.

Of course, we have to run through that stupid little cave to get to his plane, which is a big waste of our time.

This is pretty much the only time they show you this shot, so there it is. I probably showed it during Asellus's quest too, I'm OC like that.

The SandVessel starts things back up in no time at all.

It was right about this time, when EngineerCar consistently failed to absorb anything from a MecDobby100, that I realized he was gonna get cut. Poor mec, but he was getting totally outclassed by everyone else.

Time to finish up our team with this timely little addition.

He joins up, and it's about time I dropped this silly little joke.

TimeLord's stats are great, especially for a mystic. He's got more LP than any of them.

The full set of Time Magic doesn't hurt either.

This place has some unique enemies in it too, like this Minotaur here. There's not much you can do with them, but they're here.

Now that we have a mystic on the payroll, we head over to Owmi to see Mesarthim.

Instead of recruiting her, we have her give us something nifty.

TimeLord doesn't care about water mystics.

The SeaStone is a lot better than it looks. Besides granting a water immunity, it also boosts Psychic and Vitality a bit (about +7 to each, I think).

And if you equip it on a mystic, they get access to the Maelstom attack (no LifeRain, though ).

Now let's go see about getting that nifty sword I mentioned.

We drop off all three of Sei's items to open the door to his tomb. Quite frankly, I don't recommend this since the Mizukagami and the Magatama are more useful than what we're about to receive, but this is for completion's sake.

Let's beat up a dead guy!

Video: Sei fights about as well as you'd expect a dead guy to. Two notes on this fight: if you kill all four of his buddies, Sei will counter with a really strong group attack, so I avoided doing that. Also, the JackalSword's DirtyFang attack negates regeneration, so that's why I was having TimeLord use it. Not that it was really necessary.

Once again, we pass up a recruit in favor of something shiny.

Really, you could just give me the Mizukagami back and I'd be fine.

The Kusanagi sports high attack power, and much like the Asura, its normal attack is actually a WP-using special attack. Pretty good stuff, though it doesn't come with the +7 to everything stat boost that the Asura does.