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by RedBoot

Part 7

I'm doing the Arcane Quest while I powerup Red and friends. I'll do a full overview of it eventually (either in Blue's quest if we choose it, otherwise it'll probably wait until Lute's quest), but for now I'll show off a bit of it.

We headed to Wakatu for the Sword Card. It's an abandoned old samurai type place, full of ghosts and ninjas and possibly ghost ninjas.

I switched Doll over to guns after a few fights, partly for balance but also because I think she's actually better with them. She learned about five gun techs in as many battles, validating my guess.

We headed over to Yorkland for the Grail Card next. It basically involves getting really drunk and going into a swamp filled with tons of dangerous monsters.

Red's already had a few at this point.

While in the swamp, I recorded a fight, just to give anyone who hasn't played the game an idea of how they work. While on this quest, we get hit with random status ailments at the beginning of the fight due to our drunkeness. Liza is charmed here, and spends most of the fight doing nothing useful.

Video: Being drunk and fighting Triceratops is a bad combination.

I got killed and had to reload after that fight, actually. Stupid Red got charmed and killed us with SacredSong. It's a good idea to remove powerful multi-hit moves if you're going to be charmed half the time, apparently.

We got the card eventually.

The Shield Card is very easy to get in Red's quest. Normally you have to go on a mission for Fuse, but since Red can recruit him automatically (due to their earlier encounter on the Cygnus), Fuse just gives us the card if we ask.

Here's a quick shot of our current stats, as well as some new guys we picked up.

I've still got the Gold Card to go, but you'll see the rest of the Arcane quest with a later character, so we'll skip it for now and head over to the BlackX base in Kyo.

We arrive in Kyo. The BlackX base is likely hidden in the Syoin, because foreign words are suspicious.

Rabbit confirms our guess. I really don't think that wall could hide much anyway.

We arrive in the base, which is a drug processing plant. That probably explains the money lying around.

We encounter resistance, but...

It's less than threatening.

Surely these are perfectly normal plants.

We find the drug making furnace and decide that it must be exploded. Exploding is fun.

We set the bombs and run like hell. As we try to escape, we're ambushed by MBlack, one of the BlackX emperors.

He's the same guy who was being all existential and stuff last time we came by here.

Video: Unfortunatly for MBlack, Liza managed to pick up a nifty little attack recently.

One down, three to go. Assuming Waffleimages is back up tomorrow, I'll try and bring you the next two BlackX bases next time.