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Part 8

Last time, on the Adventures of Alkaiser:

Wait, no.

We start off in Koorong, in Shuzer's base. It's kind of a dump, really.

I mean, it looks like they took over an underground bakery or something.

There is a barbershop though. Then again, Red's never had his hair cut before and now's not a good time to start.

This guy meets us on the roof. He's some sort of fearsome cyclops man.

...who begins the fight cowering in fear.

As he should be, after some 5 person combination attacks.

We've found where BlackX does their laundry. Alert the internet.

Had you forgotten about Eyeball Land? I think the developers had.

If Resident Evil has taught me anything, it's that you always search shiny lion heads.

This opens up a secret passage where we see Shuzer scurry off in another one of this game's "Just fucking TRY to screencap this in time!" moments.

How sweet, he remembers us.

Video: He puts up a better fight than MBlack, at least.

Shuzer calls in Chopper Dave for another one of those spiffy villain retreats.

But Red gives chase in a very dangerous manner. :fireman:

It must be time-consuming to dye individual hair spikes like that.



No sir, not using our superhero powers for vengeance here, nope.

Video: I really like how this one turned out.

As for that little dialogue during the battle (I'll spoiler this so you can watch the video first) (SPOILER: I really have no idea what Shuzer means by that. Did he take Okonogi's brain? I mean, he's some sort of cyborg so I guess it isn't too challenging to just toss another brain in there. Of course, it doesn't explain how he seems to know Red is Alkaiser (besides it being blindingly obvious), or why the whole "Memory loss when your identity is discovered" thing doesn't trigger. They seem pretty lax on the rules over in Al-Hero land.)

Two down. We take a ship to Manhattan to check in on Cindy Campbell and her suspicious CTC Corp.

Everyone's heading out early. They must have gotten the memo about the climactic superhero battle going on this evening.

Red's a tad more forceful this time.

I'M BATM-wait, I already did that one.

Now that I think about it, Red Okonogi's a pretty funky sounding name.

Fuse finds the elevator window to be much more entertaining than Red's daddy issues.

Well, duh. Like the villain was going to let you have a peaceful elevator ride to the top. You're lucky they didn't cut the cables.

BlackX's squad, apparently.

Dammit Red, there's no space between Black and X! Screw you for making me go back and look at earlier pictures to make sure!

We're forced to take the stairs for the rest of the way. I could have made a lol goons stairs joke here, but I didn't.

These stairs basically contain a fuckton of a type of enemy. Slimes are here, with mechs, plants, and insects for the remaining floors. There's ways to avoid them, but chances are you're going to have to fight a lot of battles here.

Plus a mini-boss at the top of each floor.

I got annoyed with the frequent fights and started to amuse myself by having the characters use different weapons, such as having Red use fists. Five minutes or so later...

We make it up to Campbell's office, and get attacked by some guy in a suit.

Along with some of those floor vaccuums or something.

The lights get knocked out during the fight...

...leading to this convenient situation.

Video: Campbell is, of course, a BlackX emperor, and she puts up about as much of a fight as the other two did.

We're down to just one emperor to go, with perhaps a climactic showdown in a secret base, maybe with epic battles and exciting revelations, why not? Tomorrow will (probably) bring the astonishing conclusion!