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Part 10

Hey, we're back on the Cygnus! It's mostly empty though.

You know, not like we couldn't have grabbed one off of the hundreds of BlackX guys we've killed or anything...

The Black Ray was, of course, BlackX's flying battleship. But how will Red find it? Hey, look over there!

We find a way on board, even though nobody told us where it was.

How cute, it's a red outfit.

There's some items, but we're not allowed to grab them right now (I dunno if it's come across in the screens or not, but BlackX goons pretty much only say things like Kee, Grahhh, and Arrgghh).

Yup, everyone's favorite philosophical robot with the awesome boss music is back.

Dammit guys, I told you we should have said "Kee" instead of "Gree!"

Red, of course, decides that taking off the disguise would be more helpful at this point.

This part's pretty annoying. Every time we go into a room we get 1000mm (that's not millimeters, is it?) closer to the BlackX base. But we can't go into a room we've already been in or we get caught by MBlack and get an auto game over. This makes it impossible (I think) to get all the treasures.

Once you get close enough, you fight MBlack, who has been upgraded to MBlackII. He's still easy, though.

He tries to take us down with him, which will fail in more ways than one.

We get to the BlackX base, and...

Oh, sure.

Nobody's buying it, dude. I mean, Rouge's got like 70 intelligence points.

This place has tons of narrow paths, which equals tons of fights.

We come across a locked door. While looking for the key we find something.

Turns out Red's mom and sister are still alive. Also, Canie?

Nice save.

And there's the key we need. Why did Klein give an important key to one of his prisoners? I think he's a graduate of the Osmond Saddler School of Villainy.

The key unlocks the door to the center of the base where we meet the leader of BlackX, Black X. Yeah.

You can't tell in the picture, but he's got a drill hand.

He dies suspiciously easily, though.

Yup, all done. Not like there could be three more fights left or anything.

Dr. Klein shows up for villainous gloating.

Zounds! Klein was in charge the whole time? Unprobable!

He sics revived versions of Berva, Shuzer, and Arachne on us.

They're actually a bit weaker than they were before, but you have to fight them one after the other.

It's just a matter of conserving your WP and JP and trying for combos.

Unfortunatly for Arachne, we still had lots of WP left by the time we got to her.

Now do we win?

Of course not!

He sure did repair him fast, though, what with the self-destructing and all.

Luckily MBlack is still all preachy, and we get restored before the fight.

Video: He looks like Alkaiser now

Afterwards we get the customary "Hideout starts exploding" thing, and Dr. Klein is knocked aside, never to appear in the game again.

This guy is actually the boss here. Probably.

Video: Final Boss Fight - Boss X

The lens flare sun sure is bright today.

Red and family visit his dad's grave, who actually is dead. Minus the brain thing.

Red's mom gets in an .


Hey, do you know where that Hawk guy went in the half a second that I wasn't looking? Not that he could be you or anything.

What a gyp. I beat the bad guy and you take my powers away.

It's not like I broke half the rules of heroing along the way or anything.


But wait...

Nope, I don't know what the hell that is. Most people think that since Red's story is basically an action movie, they decided to stick a "trailer" for the next one at the end.

And that's it for Red. Next up is Blue, which we'll start up tonight.