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Original Thread: Which gods to ally with? You decide! - Let's Play Sacrifice



Sacrifice is a unique blend of story driven third person action and real time strategy. It takes place in a world where there was once only one god, but some bad shit happened and now there are 5 different ones instead. The current pantheon doesn't always see eye to eye, however, and as a wizard that's where we come in. You can generally choose a different god to side with every single mission, which gives the game a high amount of replayability. The game also feature some excellent voice acting with a 10/10 cast for the era...or now even.

If you want to play the game for yourself, you can pick it up over at GOG or Steam.

About the Playthroughs
I'm going to do something I don't normally do and allow the people watching to make important gameplay decisions. Basically, you all will be able to vote on which god we side with every episode. Every episode these gods are going to offer us different missions to go on, and for siding with a god they grant us a unique unit to summon and / or a new spell, but as I recall we'll still have all our old units and spells from previous missions at our disposal. You don't need to worry about what specific gifts we get from a god on a particular mission - the game should be completable no matter what. Just pick whoever you like the most or whoever has the most compelling mission. There is a catch, though. These gods don't get along, and eventually some of them will refuse to work with us based on who we've supported in the past.

The second playthrough is one where I choose the gods.


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