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by Hammer Floyd

Part 12: End

Choice made! We are leaving Stratos and this world.

I dont need you Stratos. Enjoy the world which I helped create.

Well I guess you're omnipotent then aren't you?

Well...I guess he's not ALL bad.

Nope. He's still an asshole.

Marduk is defeated.
Persephone has been forested
Pyro has been extinguished
James has been mined
Charnel has been the definition of irony and died.
Stratos is still full of himself.

But this is how the game ends.

...this time at least.

We did it. With possibly the worst unit choices you could manage to choose, we managed to kill 3 gods and one Demon with unmatched power. We saved the world.

Each god has a slightly different ending. EG: Instead of Stratos speaking to me, it'd be James or Pyro or whoever. However, that's basically what happens. It may seem anticlimatic? But the sense of satisfaction is almost unparalleled. You may argue that 10 missions is a bit short: However it's actually the perfect length. None of the story feels dragged out and none of the missions feel repetative or derivative.

Anyways: People have requested it, so here's some highlights from the Credits. I cant copy it all down because the credit sequence goes for about 10 minutes. If you want to see the rest?'ll just have to play the game wont you?

Group Photo!

Not that he's arrogant. I wonder if he wrote any lines for Stratos.

This Sax fella obviously has no taste in music.

The ranger starts shooting at the crazy French Phoenix

I thought your Mum told you that thing could put an eye out.

I'd like to see YOU do better.

Fuckin' agreed!

Nothing funny here. I just thought it was a great quote.

I wish I could've summoned that many Sac Doctors straight away.

The President = Death. Fine choice.

Wait...what's that?

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...a Cow?!

I've circled the cow's head. This is James' super-spell called Bovine Intervention. Your wizard launches a cow skyward who then performs a perfect swan-dive into it's target.

The end result?

Gibs. Beautiful, glorious gibs.

The peasent seems to be apathetic to the fact that a cow just descended from the heavens and destroyed the person he was talking to.

Except that cow right?

Nice to see they're so caring towards their customers!

Oh so NOW you're enthusiastic about killing Maruk?! Where the fuck were you bastards before?!

Quiet Cannon Fodder.

We'll see about that!

I'm looking forward to it.

NOW we're done! Thanks a lot to you all for all your encouragement and support to eventually get this thing done. If you guys hadn't said anything? I wouldn't have finished this. I'm glad to see so many of you have gone out and bought copies of this absurdly brilliant game and I hope to see you all online sometime in the near future!

Thanks again everybody! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it up for you.