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by Hammer Floyd

Part 1: Prologue

Sacrifice is probably the most unjustifiably under-rated game I've ever played. I'll cover the gameplay details as the thread details, but suffice to say, it is one of those truely unique games which is incomparable to anything else.

Not only is the gameplay unique, but it has a great, backstabby story as 5 Gods all plot against each other, leaving you in the middle with the ability to chose who you think is right...

...Or who will be more fun. The choice is entirely up to you.

Before I begin: Here's how this LP will pan out. Before every mission, we are given a choice as to which God we will serve for our next mission. I'll serve whichever God gets 3 votes. EG: 3 votes for James? I'll do James' mission next. 3 votes for Charnel? I'll do his mission next.

Because of the story, I figured this'd keep you amused, as well as giving me an excuse to play through this awesome game . Anyways: Shall we begin?

Yup. That's a wasteland if I ever saw one.

That grey dude is us. Isn't he a pretty little fella?

Zyzyx is the little transparent thing floating next to me. He's our Imp and will chime in with smart-ass comments and the occaisonal useful peice of information.

I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known...

Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone...

See that speech-bubble? That's pointing at Mithras. Bit hard to see sorry.

What? Does he know me?


Now you can see Mithras. Aren't you glad? That white pointy thing is his beard if you cant figure out his head from his ass.

Wahey I like the sound of that

Wait...I think that's his head...

He has got to be the ugliest fucking character I've seen in a computer game that wasn't meant to be evil.

How about from the start sherlock?

This is the loading screen. Background peices of dialogue are spoken to keep you amused while the game loads. One of the many good ideas that should be in more games. The following is spoken during the load:

HammerFloyd: In the realm that was my home, I had devoted myself to the study of the arcane. No pursuit was too perilous. No sacrifice too great. Until...well...

Under the many heavens in many worlds, there are darker things than men may dream of.

By mere good fortune, recent experiments and conjurations had ensnared me this imp.

Zyzyx:Last time I fall for that one believe you me!

HammerFloyd: Only through his guidance was I able to travel across the astral void...and that is how I came here.

This is the Ethereal Realm. Also the selection screen where we choose which god we'll work for on the next mission. Let's take a break from the Dialogue and introduce our...employers shall we?

This is Persephone. She is a god that focuses on Nature-Based and healing spells. For example: She gets to summon a plague of frogs and vines to come out of the ground and hold the enemy in place. Her troops are a bit weaker in terms of damage and health, however they regenerate faster than anything in the game and a few creatures get a "Life Shield" which when activated, will make them arguably stronger. She's a very "Holy" god. By "Holy" I mean the "Do things the way I tell you (which generally are moral) however if you dont do things the way I tell you: I'm going to smite you like your name was Babylon".

This happy little fellow left of center is James. He is a god that focuses on Earth-Based spells. For example: He gets to throw boulders at you and later on: A cow. His troops are like tanks: They hit hard, take a lotta damage, but are as slow as molasses. He's a friendly guy who just wants everybody to get along.

In the middle we have Tim Curry..uh...I mean Stratos. He's a god that focuses on lightning\weather based spells. He gets to throw lightning and air at you like his name was Katrina. His troops are the weakest in terms of damage-dealing and taking, however they are the fastest and can be incredibly damaging if used effectively. He seems to be neutral, but his motives are unclear.

Right of Center we have Pyro, god of fire. His spells are amongst the most damaging, lobbing fireballs left and right. His troops are damage-based, doing a lot of damage but not really being able to take as much back. His troops are pretty much the simplest and easiest to use. He doesn't seem to be evil so much. He just seems to really hate Persephone and wants to replace her forests with factories so he can make some more Cyborgs.

Finally, on the Far-Right we have Charnel. The god of Death...or as he prefers it "Conflict". His spells are the most visceral and gore-based and tend to do damage over time rather than direct damage. His troops regenerate whenever they land a hit, meaning the more they hit, the more they heal. However, they dont hit particularly hard and have a bit of a low HP.

Hammer Floyd: What a strange and beautiful world I beheld, but dangerous I was certain. And I was friendless and homeless. And so I prayed

Hear me exalted spirits, Hear me. Be you Gods or Devils, ye who hold dominion here. I am a wizard without a home, a wanderer seeking refuge.

Persephone: Wander no more Child. To Elysium come and join the armies of our faithful. Wage righteous battle against the Inequity of the Infernal Lord

Pyro: Pyro's Factories are NOT Inequity.

Persephone: Do they not befoul all that is pure? Are they not the very instruments of desecration? Yet their ruinous encroachment continues unabated! If the sanctity of the Daven Forest is violated, what land lies not in jeopardy?

Pyro: Jeaporady? I bring PROGRESS to the forest!

Persephone: There is no Progress...without JUSTICE.

Pyro: What you call justice is bondage to outmoded ways. Pyro's followers will never accept such foolishness

James: But you have no followers in Daven, Pyro

Pyro: I can fix THAT!

Persephone: How dare you?!

Sratos: Heh heh heh...Typical. Do not despair..."wanderer". These two "paragons of virtue" are not the only Gods around here. I for one can offer you untold KNOWLEDGE.

Charnel: Such promises. Knowledge, Justice, Progress...What value holds these without CONFLICT? What is a life...devoid of strife?

James: PEACEFUL and that's not so bad in my books.

Charnel: I didn't know you could read!

Hammer Floyd: Hearing their petty squabbles, my heart lightened. Any of these gods would welcome my talents. The choice is mine

More accurately: The choice is YOURS. So who we goin' for goons?

Persephone: Alligned with Good.
Spell: Wrath. Think Magic Missile. As good as anybody elses 1st level
Units Gained:
Druid (Melee')
Has the Life-Sheild Ability

Ranger (Ranged)
Can see far away.

Shrike (Aerial)
Has Life-Sheild

James: Alligned with Good
Spell: Boulder. Same as wrath...but a boulder. Does minor splash damage
Units Gained:
Trogg (Melee')
Immune to direct damage spells

Earthfling (Ranged)
Can turn into an impenetrable Boulder. Useful for hiding.

Gargoyle (Aerial)
Attacks do splash damage

Stratos: Neutral
Spell: Lightning. Does a bit less damage than anybody elses, but casts a lot faster.
Units Gained:
Frostwolf (Melee')
Possibly the fastest unit.

Sylph (Ranged)
Can turn invisible except when attacking

Braniac (Aerial)
Knocks enemies to the ground. Long range.

Pyro: Anti-Persephone, thus regarded as evil.
Spell: Fireball. Do I really need to explain it?
Units Gained:
Cog (Melee')
Explodes causing splash damage on Death

Flame Minion (Ranged)
Can use a Speed Burst to catch up to a retreating enemy (Or to retreat)

Spitfire (Aerial)
Splash Damage. Possibly the most powerful first level air unit.

Charnel: Evil. An absolute bastard.
Spell: Insect Swarm. Does some splash and heals the player.
Units Gained:
Sythe (Melee')
Vampiric Attack

Fallen (Ranged)
Can play dead. Similar to the Rockfling's Boulder ability, but instead of being a's a corpse. Lovely.

Locust (Aerial)
Attack drains mana as well as health. Would be useful against ranged units if Aerial units weren't already vulnerable to them.


Now that's one helluva opening post. If you've read all that: Kudos. I'll provide pictures of the creatures we get once you choose 'em because they're all awesomely designed. This is my first Let's Play so forgive me if I muck a few things up.

Anyways: Let's get to it. Which god are we going to make happy?