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Part 4: Mission 3

Once again: A hearty "Fuck You" to you bastards who made me do the hard mission! That said: This was quite a battle and good fun. Apologies for mediocre coverage of this mission, but I was busy all the time and rarely had time to take screenshots and Alt-Tab into Paint.

Before I start this one off: I should go into a bit of detail about how combat works. It's your standard Rock-Paper-Scissors affair. Melee' units decimate Ranged units. Ranged units demolish Aerial units and Aerial units demolish Melee' units. Melee' units actually cant attack Aerial units so it's a big advantage there. I tell you this now, because this has quite a impact in this battle (and future battles)

Hammer Floyd: Providing a small "diplomatic" escort, Charnel sent us to Parley, with Pyroboreas own Ambassador Buta.

Ladies and Gentlemen? You've seen Desert, you've seen pretty Grasslands. I now welcome you to Hell.

I like Charnel's tactics. No dinner-parties, no dressing up, just a good ass-kicking as a show of power.

That's a Blight. Our new toy. If I saw one of those beasties swooping at me: I wouldn't bother asking what the fuck it is: I'd just run.

First I build a Manalith. It's pretty much the only one I build for this entire scenario. Time is of the essence here so I dont bother defending it. I rush off to grab as many souls as I possibly can for the battle about to fall square in my lap.

So I run off to this village and create a Sythe and a Locust on the way to kill everybody who stands. While I'm happily harvesting, We get some visitors.

Okay...great. So what the fuck is she doing here?

Oh fuck. Things are NOT looking good. 3vs1? I'm screwed.

That sounds like a VERY good idea to me.

Hammer Floyd: BUTA
Ambassador Buta: That's AMBASSADOR Buta to you!


Thank Christ for that. We might have a chance after all. It's 2v2 now.

Firstly, I needed more souls, so I sped past Buta to get to this second village. Along the way: I noticed that Buta was running around with a rather healthy supply of Firefists. Looks like he's got Melee' covered.

I summon up a lotta Fallen (Ranged) to protect Buta's Firefists and a few Locusts to protect my Fallen. Buta's forces are already engaged with Shakti's. Let's help the fat bastard out shall we?

At this point in time: I couldn't help but wonder what the FUCK I was doing in the middle of this right about now.

We beat Shakti in that wave and I manage to snag a few souls. I replenish and strengthen my numbers and Follow Buta to deal a blow to Lady Abraxus.

3 through that battle with Abraxis, Shakti came back in. I started getting my ass handed to me because I lost my Manawhores so I started losing men. However: I did manage to slime that Troll (Look for the solid-green thing). He moved a lot slower and took a fair bit of damage.

I got my ass handed to me and barely got out alive. I retreated to my Manalith capturing quite a few souls along the way. I waited until the souls were converted and replenished my numbers. Meanwhile: Buta delievered a good beating to Abraxis and Shakti.

The path was clear. That there is Shakti's Altar. Now I COULD desecrate it...However if you get more kills than Buta: Charnel gives you a boon, hence the counter in the top corner. I'll instead move on to Abraxis and get more kills and let Buta desecrate the Manalith.

So I went for this Manalith. Note the number of troops on the left hand side. I copped another absolute flogging. It seems Abraxus favours using Melee' units which is making mincemeat outta my Ranged units. Looks like I'll have to rethink my strategy a bit.

Abraxis' minions completely dominated mine. I was left with no minions.

OH FUCK. And to make things better: I've stopped moving: What am I dead?

Nope. Fucking vined. Cant move. At least Buta ran past to hold Abraxis off so that I could escape.

I had to abandon two souls to escape. RIP Little guys!

So I retreated and rebuild my forces with a bigger focus on Locusts. I didn't get screenies of these because they wouldn't really show anything exciting. I launched another attack while Buta provided a useful distraction.

SUCCESS! I broke through Abraxis' forces and destroyed the Manalith.

To be a complete and utter fucking asshole: I built a Manalith where that one was. This effectively seperated Abraxis and Shakti. For either of them to re-spawn, they'd have to go to their seperate Altars. I left Buta once again to deal with Shakti.

Behold our next target. Abraxis is my bitch now.

I run a gauntlet and make a beeline straight for her last Manalith. As you can see: I was somewhat victorious, although the gauntlet was deadlier than I anticipated.

I built a Manalith to replace Abraxis' and effectively pin her down. My character stumbles across a revelation that he could build a Shrine there instead where I can also convert souls, but get no Mana. In hindsight, building a Shrine there would be an absolutely fantastic asshole-ish thing to do. It'd be almost instant-soul conversion.

Alright! Buta came through for us! 1 down, 1 to go. Abraxis was a bitch and went straight for the Manalith with everything she had left. I thought I'd ruin her day by assigning 4 guardians to make it virtually impossible for her. She's currently being group-raped by 2 Sythes and 2 Locusts.

Time to desecrate her ass

I summoned as many Sythes as I could to prevent her interrupting the Desecration and they killed her almost immediately. Her corpse lays amongst the gore in that pillar of light which is partly obscured by that Locust's ass.

Oh shut up pansy.

Indeed. We can kick his ass 18 ways from Sunday. He'd better help us out or we'll insult him some more.

Booya! Another mission down! Thank Christ that's over. That was one helluva fight.

Gonna write up Part 2 of Mission 3 now. However: Here's a hint as to what the reaction is.

Note that Stratos and Persephone no longer have portals? It seems they dont like us anymore. Looks like Pyro succeeded in getting an alliance with James so he's with us at least. However it's early days yet! We're sure to step on some more toes and possibly kiss and make up with Persephone and\or Stratos.



Here's the little bonus. After Buta proudly exclaims that he's always "been good with da ladies" you get two options: 1) Insult him as I did or 2) Agree with him. Agreeing with him isn't as fun, but here's what happens.

So repeating:

There ya go. As I said: Not as fun, but it's something.

Anyways: Here's the reaction.

It seems we've trodden on some toes. Let's see what they're bitchfighting about this time.

Mithras: There have been other wars amongst the Gods. Some potracted and dreadful, yet one truth remained constant. It was mortals who bore the suffering.

The Gods were bound through ancient ties and none of them. Not Persephone or even Charnel...ever sought the others destruction.

James: I know everybody's busy getting ready for the big war, but has anybody else noticed what Jadugarr's doing? I seen him all around the Glebe rallying folks with talk of the Prophecy of Mithras and some fellow Ashur who'll save 'em all.

Pyro: Enough of your womanish whining!

Persephone: What?!

Pyro: You will not distract PYRO with these ridiculous tales! Why dont you give up already?

Charnel: Pyro is right. If you cannot keep your follower's faith, that is your problem James.

That was a quick fight. Although they're not getting any friendlier.


Persephone: We have no use for a black-hearted fiend such as you!

Well that's a bit rough isn't it? All we did your enemy and destroy a tribe of Trolls. Oh well.

James: Whatever Jadugarr is up to, the best way to combat heretics is a right godly display of power. I have been too passive recently; That doesn't inspire people. It's time to take back what's mine.
Charnel: DONT take another step! Do you REALLY mean to turn your back on the God of Slaughter?
Pyro: This is your last chance to drop the zeroes and get with the Pyro.

Units Offered: Boulderdash. Sniper unit who fires 3 massive rocks causing a good amount of damage. Good support unit which is good because he's slow.
Spells Offered: Erupt. Ground lifts up (literally) causing a bulge and then smashes down, knocking people over and stunning them. Very cool.

Stratos: I think we both know you'd rather serve somebody else.

Yeah whatever asshole. Dont fall on a pin now and pop your balloon head a'ight?

Pyro: It does not matter if what the worm says is true. No "Ashur" can threaten Pyro once the Pyrodraulic Dynamo is completed! To activate it, I need some slaves. Heh, but I think James just volunteered...
Units Offered: Pyromaniac. Cyborg Gnomes who set creatures on fire with their long-range cannons. Awesome.
Spells Offered: Dragonfire. A fireball shaped like a dragon flies out and attacks multiple units. Good damage.

Charnel: The INDIGNITY! James actually suggested that this upstart "Ashur" could be a greater threat than the God of Slaughter! Perhaps it will be necessary to subjugate this cult and restore everybody's faith in us...No?
Units Offered: Netherfiend. Brawler who causes a fair bit of damage but is a tad slow. Consumes blue souls to be more powerful, but I'd rather just use it to summon another creatures.
Spells Offered: Animate Dead. Raises a dead creature to life with full health

Now then: If you want us to start working for the good team: Vote for James, otherwise we'll might never be able to work for Persephone, Stratos or James ever again.

Thanks for waiting guys. Vote away but I wont be able to do an update until after work tomorrow afternoon.