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This one is a bit of a biggie as a result: To finish this "chapter" it's gonna require 2 or 3 days. The reason why is because the reaction in between these missions is very small in terms of content and you dont get a choice as to who you serve. Sound dodgy? It fits in with the story.

This one is a BIG update. 42 screenshots. Sorry, but it's kinda what it needed. I had 55 and managed to cut it down. It's not as easy to follow, but at least you'll have some bandwidth.

No altar eh? That sucks. I remember what happened to the Ragman last time a wizard was left without an altar. He died a quick and suprisingly painful death.

But...where's the fun of raping and pillaging if there's nobody watching?

Oh fine you needy bitch.

I'm well aware of that. Thank you Captain Obvious. Let's see what new methods of destruction await us shall we?

Oh...well that's nice. Sara Bella gave me 5 Manawhores for me to run around with. That'll help. I guess she's not TOO bad. Evidently on the rag. "HELP ME...oh I'm sorry. Let me help you OH GOD HELP ME"

Heh, awesome. They sound like good fun.

En-Route to that Manalith, Shakti pops up.

Shakti: By the goddess! A friendly face!
Hammer Floyd: Is something wrong?
Shakti: Suddenly it is though Persephone had gone silent!
Hammer Floyd: That bodes ill. I am certain.
Shakti: Yes...well...I'm glad you are here then!

And then she pisses off. Y'know, if she was SO GLAD I was here, she could've given me the odd Mutant here or there for me to use against to protect her.

Anyways, I FINALLY get to take that Manalith. Can people please fuck off and let me kill people now?

I run around and take 2 more vacant Manavaults. Currently, Shakti thinks I am on her side, so I can run around without any escort.

I summon 4 Locusts and using them: I attack the nearest town so I can harvest some more souls. Unsuprisingly, as soon as my first Locust shoots at a defenceless villager:

Shakti shows up and declares war. Fantastic.

So she sends this Ent at me. Ents are huge, lumbering, naturally-occuring death machines. If they went to get from Point A to Point B? Whoever is in there way either moves: Or it dies. It's that simple. It walked from that Archway, allllll the way up to my Flurry left to guard Sara Bella before my Locusts could take it out. See that red beam? That's where my Flurry is.

It did however give me 5 souls. Ent's aren't that bad after all .

Combined with these souls from the village: That gave me a good 10 souls to spend. Things are starting to look quite good here.

Splat. I came back just in time to see the Ent explode. They make a nice big gorey boom dont they? Although typically: As my back was turned, Shakti showed up to try to kill me.

I wasn't going to stand for that though. Shakti favoured Mutants (Ranged) and Gremlins (Aerial) so 6 Sythes and 6 Fallen worked very nicely as you can see. Like Hachiman before her: She used high-soul-count beasties, meaning whenever I killed her and her minions; I got a VERY healthy pile of souls to use for defence.

So I went for the second town. This mission isn't particularly hard, but you just feel like such an evil bastard. Nobody has any idea what you're doing and you're going up against a vastly underprepared enemy force with 2 undefended towns. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Not to mention a much-welcomed break from the intensity of the last two missions!

I just finish those bastards off and capturing their soul when Shakti makes another stab at my Manalith. I force her to retreat again and get a healthy swag of souls.

Since I had such a nice supply of souls: I set myself up with a VERY healthy defence. 2 Locusts, 2 Sythes and 1 Flummox. Aint gonna be NOBODY who's gonna take my Manaliths.

Remember that evil feeling I mentioned? Setting up this defence at each Manalith only strengthened it. A good tough fight is fun, but sometimes it's just immensly satisfying to simply steamroll your opponent without them having a hope in hell.

Anyways. Enough fucking around. Let's destroy this cow.

I just destroyed her first Manalith when Zyzyx pops up. He evidently has better hearing than me.



I summon as many Fallen as I can to try to put her down and step out of her path of probable destruction. She swooped in low and fast, WAY too fast for my Fallen to do much about it, so I slimed the dragon, slowing it down.

GOT IT! Only just mind you, if I didn't slime it I would've been in some strife.

However: That's another 5 souls added to my cause so I'm not complaining

Her last Manalith on this island. She has two more outside her Altar on a seperate island, but I'll take those two at the same time.

I got rid of her guardians and destroyed the 'lith, when I got this message: So I teleported back to help the needy bitch. It turned out to be 2 Druids. Great. Thanks Sara. Interrupt my plans for world conquest and all just so I can save you from two LEVEL ONE UNITS WHEN YOU HAVE A GODDAMN FLURRY STANDING RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO YOU.

The damage was done however. As soon as my back was turned, Shakti rebuilt her Manalith. The ensuing fight wasn't hard, but it was rather irritating.

She didn't get the Manalith THIS time though. Time to kick her ass.

So I cross the bridge onto the second island to kill Shakti, when this beast of an Ent shows up.

Yeah...if you're anything like your smaller brothers: I'd be inclined to believe you.

And you've bought friends....Great. I'm in some serious shit here.

Well I killed his friends. He killed my minions. I dont feel like that was an even trade. RUN.

I retreated to the Manalith I just recovered and with the support of my guardians: We managed to kill the bastard. He was without a doubt the toughest individual monster I've fought in this game. He single-handedly, wiped out my group of 6 Sythes and 6 Fallen. He was even large enough to swat my Locusts from the sky. All I could do was chip at the boul-uh...tree trunk.

That's Shakti's last two Manaliths and Altar. This is gonna be challenging because everything is defending everything else. To top it off: It's on top of a hill.

Bwahahaha. Who am I kidding? STEAMROLL . I summoned 4 long-range flummoxes to take out the guardians and Manaliths and then ran up with my 6 Sythes and Fallen and built my own Manaliths.

Desecration time! I summoned another 6 Sythes and sent them allllllll after her :goon:. She died within about 3 seconds of the onslaught. Mwuahahahahaha.

Hey...wait...Has Stratos sent ME into a trap?

Woah! That's TWO Wizards that I've exterminated! I like this killing thing.

Killing is my business and gooooooooooooooood! (ah bite me. I had to throw that quote in).

Sounds good to me. Let's go kill the self-righteous holywoman.

Wahey! Stratos was good enough to give me a boon! :boonie: I took the speed bonus because I would've killed for some speed earlier on in this game.

Success! That was fun. It's a nice change from the recent intense missions.


MERRY CHISTMAS GOONS! Actually: I'm doing it out of practicality. The reaction consists of 2 lines and you dont get a choice for who you work for in the next mission. Sound dodgy? It fits in with the story I assure you. I probably wont do this until tomorrow or Boxing Day, so dont wait up for an update.

Have a good Chrissy. See ya later!