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It's finally here! The update has arrived! Let's get right into it shall we?

Persephone: Stratos. We are concerned that there is trouble in Arborea.
Stratos:What trouble is this?
Persephone: We have lost communication with one of our servants there.
Stratos: Grant me leave, O goddess, to resolve this matter. I am certain my protege' Sara Bella will be able to get to the heart of it.

I love Stratos. "What trouble is this! I KNOW NOTHING". I just wiped out an entire city and one of the more powerful mages but I KNOW NOTHING! Sly bastard.

Stratos: Persephone does not yet realise that I have slain Shakti and seized Arborea. We will only have a breif time to rally our forces and strike Idylliac itself.

Then again. Persphone could just be dumb. Anyways: ONTO IDYLLIAC! Home of Persephone herself.

Damn straight bitch. It's party time.

Oh shut the fuck up. Y'know what? I think I'm going to enjoy this. Let's see what new toys we have for offer.

I use a LOT of these this mission. They kick UNBELIEVEABLE amounts of ass. They can freeze people when they hit which gives them another free hit. Considering they can take out Gnomes with 1 hit and Mutants with two: They're very lethal.

Observe. Them two arms are stabby limbs of death. They kill anything that doesn't fly.

I built this first Manalith and Yogo came 'round for a hello. Remember when we kicked his ass in the second mission? Time to do it again.

And this time: We have Yetis. Remember that time the bastard ate you in SkiFree? How cool is it to use him to eat somebody else? It is nothing short of fucking awesome.

Over the top of that hill: I see this. Oh sweet Jesus YES! Two free Manaliths! In close proximity! The bastard would be SUICIDAL to attack me!

Still. He tries. You gotta admire his spirit at least.

More accurately: His generous soul-donations.

I just built the second one and got it defended when he came down the hill again. No minions: Just himself. Note the green flame peeking over the top of the hill there.

That's what was there. A Manalith and Yogo. Man Persephone doesn't defend her home very well does she?

Over the next hill we see our next battleground. 4 Manaliths. One right next to us, one directly north of that and two to the side. Not all are visible but I assure you they're there.

So I build myself a shrine in the middle. If people are going to be dying here: I want their souls quickly.

For example: These 10 or so random villagers surrounding the group of Manaliths. I'm starting to get a liiitttlllee bit suspicious now. It's been WAY too easy. Fighting him the first time wasn't this easy.

Oh well. No rest for the wicked. I go for his Monalith on the left first. He has 3 Gnomes, so I summon 3 Yetis.

3 Dead gnomes: +9 Souls
3 Live Yetis: -12 Souls
1 Destroyed Manalith: 0 Souls
Watching your Yeti's stab some garden-gnomes to death? Priceless.

Seeing your enemy charge at you with TWO ENTS? Fucking terrifying.

This made me laugh. This ent went for my Yetis. It roared back to attack and one of the Yeti's froze it mid-roar. They then proceeded to demolish the fucker without TOO much effort yet it was a suprisingly hard fight.

I teleported to where my shrine WAS (This ent destroyed it. I summoned a Manalith accidentally, but that gets rectified later) with my Yeti's and killed this ent. 8 Souls. Yummy.

Yogo was once again being the persistant aggressive bastard. He kept me pinned at this Manalith for a good 15 minutes. The moment I'd kill him and whatever conglomeration of minions he had summoned, He'd show up and start trying to kill me again.

He slowed down once I pinched that middle manalith off him though. Now all I had to do to have this area secure was go for the one on the opposite side there. That was protected by Gnomes, so once again: I used some Yeti's to kick their ass and take that Manalith.

Behold the invasion force. Let's put this bitch outta business.

Behold the end base. Holy fuck that's why his attack-forces were so pissweak. He had fucking EVERYTHING for defence.

Due to the power and number of minions at my disposal: The first Manalith fell easily.

The second one was all but impossible. There'd be no way I could desecrate her Altar with that Manalith there. Especially considering he had GUARDIAN ENTS. As if the bastards weren't strong enough.

In fact: It wiped out my Assault force. That's how much defense that bastard had set up. I lost EVERY Yeti, EVERY Fallen and EVERY Blight. I even lost my Manawhores. I managed to retreat to my newly-taken Manalith when he launched a counter attack. Mostly with Gremlins so I summoned some Fallen to kick their ass.

But if he wants to play Uber Defence? So will I. I summoned 1 Flurry, 1 Flummox, 2 Yeti's, 2 Blights and 2 Fallen to protect that Manalith. Overkill? Not quite. Yogo still nearly killed one or two of my minions each time.

But enough with defence. I'm here to kick Yogo\Persephone's ass. I was too busy to snap a screenshot of the battle to get rid of that defence force at that Manalith, but it mainly consisted of me summoning Yeti's, recovering their souls, summoning more and keep pounding away until they all died. Yogo then released some Gremlins at me, so I countered with some Fallen and built my own Manalith. I gave it the same Defence Treatmeant, but with 2 Flummoxes instead of one.

Why? Flummoxes knock their target over when they get hit which slows them down. Very important to slow somebody down when you are...

...oh I dunno. Desecrating a goddesses Altar? See the yellow pillar of light? That's Yogi on his ass after a Flummox hit him with an Altar. That Yeti with his arms raised? He's about to impale Yogo. He's gonna impale him good.

HAHA! VICTORY! Cheer as my Yeti also celebrates my victory. He kinda has to as his arms are perpetually raised above his head.

Actually: Having your arms above your head 24 would suck. They'd get so sore. The P.E (Gym) teacher would love making you try to touch your toes though.

Although I suppose you could just stab the bastard. Regardless; Stratos is making a very good point. Persephone was an absolute self-righteous cow.

Two words: Roger. Waters.

Ooh...I like the sounds of that.

Unworthy? I could've told you she's unworthy! She was as useless as tits on a bull.

Oh well. We wont be seeing any more of Persephone!

Fellow goons: We just killed a god.

Shit yeah baby! That was a tough fight. Yogo's a viscious little bastard. However; I have finally liberated all Emu's from his wrath. I may have made them extinct by killing their god, but my intentions were good.

No choice for the next mission. I've got a wedding tomorrow and then work Saturday morning, so there'll be about 2 days before the next update. Apologies, but I assure you it will be of the same epic proportion.