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James: Stratos...I should have never trusted you.

Stratos: No you shouldn't have. It is too late to save yourself: But may I offer one final observation? You are too pliable James. That is what makes you useful. But it is also what makes you dangerous. Too dangerous.

We must press our advantage. Foolish James must be destroyed much as he deserves and his worshippers will be free from his unworthy leadership. Consider this a mercy Killing.

Stratos was right. Having ceded so many key territories into the lord of the heavens: There was little James could do to prevent an attack from Marduk.

Oh yeah? Watchya gonna do worm boy? Wiggle at me?



Presenting James' super-spell. It's called Bore. The ground literally falls away at your creatures feet and their souls are lost forever. The advantage is that it takes forever to cast so sometimes you can jump out of the way first. It does have a huge Area Of Affect though so your slower units might be fucked. Or anything that's dumb enough to walk into the area first.

Moving right along: No new units this round so I just went straight into it and got that Mana vault that was right next to the massive hole. Note that I have a measly 6 souls and 1 Yeti at this point in time to protect me. Thank you very much for being generous

I guardianed a long-distance Flummox to the Manalith. This may seem like a waste with so few souls to spare: But let me show you something.

My Altar is in the path of 3 canyons. One directly in front, one around to the left which you can just see and one on the right which is only just out of view. The Flummox is able to reach miles away so he can lay in a pounding until I get there, or soften up some enemy troops wandering past.

I summoned 3 sythes and went down the left-most canyon to this Manalith. Why Sythes??

Que every Sacrifice Veteran scratching their head and asking "WTF MATE?". This "Unguarded" Manalith was not unguarded at all and was meant to be an ambush. There was meant to be a cutscene where I get attacked by a group of Taurocks and Earthflings. This is why I made the Sythes to take out the Earthflings while my Yeti dealt with the Taurocks. However: For some strange reason: The Cut-Scene didn't trigger and thus: No invasion.

This is both good and bad. Good because I dont have a bitch of a fight on my hands: Bad because I dont get to pinch as many "Free" Souls.

Out of nowhere: The 3 Earthflings arrived and my Yeti gave them all 1 whack each. Easy pickings. No Taurocks though. Oh well.

Since I had time to spare: I went up the middle canyon when I was ambushed by 2 Flummoxes.

Nothing a Yeti, 3 Sythes and the Frozen Ground spell cant fix though. Let's hear it for freebies!

So I went back and put a Flummox and a Sythe to Guardian the second Manalith.

Then I went to have a look at the other path in the canyon. Presenting another "unguarded" Mana Vault. However: I didn't have time to investigate this trap: The enemy was approaching.

So I teleported my Sythes and Yeti over to that Manalith and landed right on Charlotte's Eruption. Oh joy. Naturally I went flying through the air. I wasn't gonna stand (quite literally) for that.

So I casted my Super-Spell on her Motley Crew. That Tornado throws anybody (yes: Including me\my units) however it ties them up for a while and hurts them a fair bit when they crash down to earth.

They especially hate it when I cast my second Super-Spell on her group while they're in Mid-Air. Cloudkill is as deadly as it is in D&D and when they're airborne: They cant stop being zapped from the spell. It takes something special to survive that punishment.

Mmm....Mid-Air Gibs. The gory sight of success.

My Yeti was killed as it destroyed this Jabberocky: The second most powerful Melee unit in the game. It goes to show how much of a difference getting in a free hit every now and then when your opponent is frozen can be. I made a fence so that I could collect some souls (Jabberocky's have about 5) and set myself up for the next wave.

In which my ass was handed to me. That's my spirit floating around after it was pummeled into the ground. See that big thing there? That's a Rhinok. That's a Jabberocky's bigger, uglier, meaner bastard older brother who shits lead bricks. There is no more powerful Melee' unit in the game and if you see one like I just did? You panic and launch every single fucking thing you have at it and pray that it dies: Otherwise: You're fucked. These things make Ents look like Sythes. Note the scorch marks on the ground? That's various explosionsruptions\cannonballs that either my units or I have thrown at this hulking bastard and he still managed to kill me.

When I was revived? It had that much health left. This thing was NOT. FUCKING. DYING. This one Rhinok is exactly why my ass had been handed to me so many times before today. I casted a Cloudkill directly onto the fucker to try to take the bastard down and healed up my Flummox who was taking an absolute ass-kicking from this bastard.

Thank FUCK it worked...Just. Note that Cloudkill is also killing my own units. I seriously dont care: It's worth it to take out one of those bastards. Also note that Charlotte is nowhere to be seen?

Soul harvesting time. Chk-CHING!

I threw up another fence and started converting those two souls. There's about 7 or 8 souls in those two corpses.

That there is my Sac-Doctor running away with the Rhinok's corpse just as the she-bitch has decided to turn up. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no you dont bitch. That Rhinok is mine now!

That's where that Eruption picture came in. Not only is it quite spectacular: It could NOT have come at a better time. That gave my Sac Doctors enough time to get to my Altar so I could have those delicious souls.

And while they were coming down I had enough time to cast Cloudkill. I am such a collossal bastard. I assure you: These pricks deserve it.

More souls for me. Charlotte is a lot like Yogo: Very aggressive, but as long as you dont let her get the upper-hand: It's relatively easy to beat her.

I told ya she was aggressive. I just finished summoning a Sac Doctor to convert the last few souls: I look up and I see she's got Flummoxes lobbing boulders at me from over the hill.

Note the 3 Yeti's and lack of Flummoxes. Do the math. Also note that there's a portal where a Sac Doctor is being summoned to convert more delicious souls.

Well folks: That's Part 1 of this mission over tonight. I've established a foothold in this place but I've still got 2 Wizards to defeat. Since I was already close to 30 pictures: I figured if I did it in one big heap: It'd be an update that'd take an entire page. Also: You blokes have waited long enough for an update .

I'll get Part 2 up tomorrow and hopefully this cataclysmic FUCKING BITCH of a mission will be finished. Thanks again for waiting what's nearly been a month for me to get back into this!


I have never fought such a tough fight in any game. Never have I ever fought anything so devastating, difficult, yet well-balanced in my life. I've made little progress in this hour and a half of game time: But when you see the battle: I think you'll understand why. I rarely stopped the entire time and for the split second when I had a breather? About 2 seconds later: I'd be attacked somewhere else or something else would happen.

Oh and by the way? A hearty fuck you for giving me possibly THE WORST setup possible for this mission!

Where was I? ...Oh...yes...

I was wondering how she kept coming at me so quickly: There's your answer. A Manalith not that far north from my second one. Charlotte has no souls at the moment so it wont be hard to take.

Yup. Peice of cake. Damnit I love Yetis.

So I went back to that "suss" unguarded Manavault. There was nothing Suss about it and I managed to get a Flummox Guardianed to it as well. Which is just as well: Note the incoming Wizard on my Minimap.

And the bitch sent me sky-high. Guess this was revenge for that Eruption before eh?

I chased her up over the top of the Canyon and down into this Gorge. More easy pickings. I [NOTE: I AM TOO STUPID TO SPELL THE WORD "DEFINITELY" CORRECTLY] took moments like these for granted.

I summoned 2 Flummoxes to deal with the 2 Aerial guards and sent my Yeti's in to destroy the Manalith and they did an awesome job.

Another Manalith for the good guys! We've taken over the Southern end of the Map now.

But then SOMEBODY cast Bore. Seriously: When I find out who? I'll banish them so hard...

Got away with it that time though. A Flummox NEARLY was busted, but I got lucky.

Zyzyx: Your units are under attack!

Back to the newly-captured manalith. I wonder what has been sent at me?

OH FUCK. Rightio: 3 Yeti's go in. I slime the bastard so he cant attack as quickly and launch a few Insect Swarm (only offensive spell I have! ) against this hulking rock-monster (They all have matching towels).

My 3 Yetis managed to kill it with half-health left. This shows how much of an ass-kicking these bastards require. It takes 3, 4-Soul creatures AND spells WITH Free-Hits to take out ONE of these 5-Soul Gargantuan beasts.

I just finished casting conversion when I noticed all those other pricks coming to join the party. Grakkus, the SECOND Enemy Wizard helped my Sac Doctor take the 5-souls of the recently-dead Rhinok by casting that Fence Spell. But it also cut me off from defending that new Manalith.

However, He had a second Rhinok. Presenting what happens if a Rhinok hits you.

You die. Very quickly. I fucking hate Rhinoks.

My Yeti's managed to finish off the Rhinok (with some heals) and chased these 3 Flummoxes over the other side of the Canyon where they eventually caught up with them and took them out very quickly. Yummy souls.

I just started converting them when I looked up and saw that. No they aren't an army of Flummoxes: It's the other Super-Spell of James' folks. Those boulders fly out of the ground, and then come crashing down doing a scary amount of damage. Grakkus sure does recover quickly and this time: I was in no position to take advantage of his aggressiveness.

However: This was a sleight of hand. He dissapeared and I was given some time (a whopping 30 seconds) to create an army.

However: It also gave him time to make an army which he promptly sent back to that Manalith he tried to take before. I teleported my new group of Minions over to said Manalith and sent in my enthusiastic Yetis.

Who killed everything that moved. Very Enthusiastically.

Presenting the battle-field. 2 Manaliths in close proximity: One owned by each Wizard. However: At the time I just thought: ATTACK! I had 4 Seraphs, 4 Yetis and 4 Flummoxes. I wasn't messing around.

We were ambushed en-route by 2 Taurocks and 4 Earthflings. I send my Seraphs to take out the Taurocks, got my Flummoxes to take out the Earthflings and sent my 3 of my Yeti's to take out the Flummoxes who were guardianed to the Manalith.

The other Yeti demonstrated his method of destruction on this Earthfling Volunteer. The ambush was easily defeated: But I did lose my Seraphs to the Earthflings. They could've been useful, but at this point in time: Ranged Units were the most common so it wasn't critical. I only bought Seraphs to deal with any possible Rhinoks.

My Yeti's destroyed the Manalith with some help from my Flummoxes. Peice a cake right?

Wrong. It's hard to see, but a circle of a LOT of Earthflings appeared. Sure they're only Earthflings: But there's a lot of them which makes things difficult when your troops are already damaged.

What REALLY makes things difficult is when Charlotte shows up and builds a Manalith on the unoccupied Vault. My Yetis had done some nice work on the Earthflings when a horrible thought occured to me.

If Charlotte claims those Earthfling souls as hers: There's enough there for her to get back into this fight. I was currently in a world of shit.

So I did the dumbest thing I probably have done so far. I casted CloudKill on the newly created Manalith to destroy it and hopefully Charlotte. My plan sorta worked: But it killed my horribly weak Yeti's as well. All I had defending me at this point in time were 4 Flummoxes.

I reclaimed those souls when I got a warning from Zyzyx. Grakkus had created a Jabberocky and sent it against my Flummoxes. There's a particular creek where people like to go canoeing in. I was in it without a paddle. I'd even go so far to suggest I wasn't even in a canoe.

I sent a Seraph across to deal with the Jabberocky. Meanwhile, Charlotte had recovered and was rebuilding her Manalith. Note the scorch marks on the ground: Not only was I fighting off a fresh army with the wrong kind of units: But Charlotte was pounding me with spells.

Pounded into oblivion as a matter of fact. I was killed and left far away from any near Manalith. I ended up losing the Flummoxes and the units I summoned to counter Grakkus' counter.

The end result of that battle. There are many more scars: The game just wont allow them to be visible from so far away.

This battle ended in a Stalemate. I lost a decent amount of souls: But made up for it with the amount of souls I was able to sneakily pinch here and there. In that whole fight: I had about 3 10 second breaks where I was able to stop and think and it shows from the 2 or 3 stupid mistakes which cost me that fight.

Coming up tomorrow: Part 3! Success or Defeat?


To answer the blokes question about how Rhinok's compare to Ents? Remember that huge Ent who wiped out my entire forces and I had to retreat to a Manalith and let my Guardians finish is? One Rhinok is about as strong as that bastard was.

Hence I panic when I see one.

Rightio: After the stalemate that ended the last update: I sat down and had a think about the best way to tackle this. The Seraphs were a bit of a waste and were easily taken out by the Earthflings, so I thought it'd probably be better if I didn't bring any.

I knew Charlotte would rebuild that Manalith as soon as it was destroyed, so I'd have to take Charlotte out and then instantly go for the Manalith. After it was destroyed: I'd only have a few seconds to build my Manalith. If I could get my Manalith built: I could Guardian a Yeti or two to it to stop it from being instantly destroyed and they'd hopefully be able to repel any attack still going.

There's a few big If's in that plan. This should be interesting.

I returned to the closest Manalith to build an army and Grakkus attacked. That was pretty much all he had.

The end result: No casualties to me and I managed to snag a few souls. Grakkus obviously didn't have that many souls around. This was starting to look good.

Let's go. 4 Yetis and 4 Flummoxes. I was thinking of going 8\8, but I needed to get back to that field as soon as possible to prevent Charlotte\Grakkus stealing all those left-over souls. Also, I know Charlotte doesn't have many and I've got evidence to suggest that Grakkus might be low as well.

More evidence that Grakkus has piss-all. Looks like I did a shitload more damage to him than I thought I did. Needless to say: My Yeti's made short work of all that. I paused to grab a few souls while I was there.

I proceeded to the Battlefield. Note the extreme lack of souls. Those bastards had certainly been busy. Let's make sure they dont get any more!

CHARGE! I sent my Yeti's in to take out Charlotte and the Manalith. She cast the second Super-Spell and rained boulders on my troops. I had my Flummoxes attack the Manalith to soften it up for my Yetis.

They succeeded! My Yetis took out Charlotte and destroyed the Manalith!

...Right as she re-spawned and re-build that fucking Manalith. I slimed her so she couldn't run off on me and sent my Yetis in for another "stab" (oh my I'm hilarious).

SUCCESS! The Manalith was gone as was Charlotte! The bitch had to retreat back to her hidey home. This time there was no massive amount of enemies to kill: Just Charlotte who kept casting Eruption and being a pain.

Manalith Built? Check. Nobody was gonna pinch this one though. I guardianed 2 Yetis and 2 Flummoxes. Overkill? Maybe, but look at how many souls I have. I can afford it.

Speaking of which: It's soul-harvesting time. I went around and collected all the souls of those who I missed before.

Grakkus tried to stop me with somewhat predictable results. More souls for me.

So I went to the other Manalith nearby and killed the two guardianed Boulder-dashes with one Yeti (just) and stole all 8 of those souls. Jackpot!

Now I was a nuffy and saved over a picture here, but I built a Manalith and guardianed 1 Yeti and Flummox to it. I then went back to my other Manalith so I could have a quick break and build up a bit of an army. After I summoned a few Yetis, I could an alert from Zyzyx that my Units were under attack. So I teleported back to this Manalith...

...To a suprisingly decent attack force. My Yeti and Flummox are in mid-air due to being in the middle of an eruption. However Charlotte may have had some decent numbers (probably from stealing those souls that I couldn't get before ) but they were all 1 or 2 soul creatures. No match for my guardians, but I'm not gonna knock back an opportunity to steal some more of her souls.

Note the end result of the battle. She and her Manahore valiantly attacked my Manalith and was promptly destroyed without any trouble. Let's just leave her to do that for now shall we?

Since the 4 Yeti\Flummox group worked so well last time: I summoned them again and went for that Manalith behind that hill (flame of the tower circled)

However: I couldn't let these blasphemers stand her worshipping Marduk without me stepping in. Yetis? ATTACK.

And I destroyed that little monument too. Shun the non-believers!

En-Route to that "unguarded" Manalith: Zyzyx piped up with some useful advice.

Presenting a group of Flummoxes who spawned behind me.

Let's do a quick little equation. 4 Yetis + 3 Flummoxes = 4 Yetis. If (Flummox) = 3 souls, then 3x3 = 9 so I have 9 free souls. Just keep bringing 'em in!

Charlotte didn't like me getting more souls however, so she came to ruin my party. However, that fence she build didn't help her, rather it helped my Sac Doctors get away.

Using the same tactic as I did before: I sent my Yetis after Charlotte and got my Flummoxes to pound the shit out of the Manalith.

Might not be the most brilliant of strategies, but you cant argue with results!

And that's how I'm gonna leave this Update. I've secured another 3 Manaliths who are all well-guarded: I've got more soul than James Brown (you have no idea how long I've been waiting to use that one) and Charlotte\Grakkus haven't got much.

I'm gonna take a break (this took an hour and a half) and then hopefully I'll have this mission finished by tonight. Thanks for your ongoing interest and tolerance for huge delays!

Mission 8! Part 4! Total Annihilation!

It's time for the final assault on Charlotte and Grakkus and to kill James once and for all. I'll be a very happy man once this is finished.

Summoning 4 Yetis and 4 Flummoxes, I crossed the plains and headed towards that Manalith in the distance

On the way however: I noticed this Manalith "hidden" in this little nook. Since I was passing by: I thought I'd have a crack at taking it. The Guardians were two Flummoxes.

Which were quickly destroyed by my 4 Yetis. I love Yetis as much as I hate Rhinoks.

I just finished summoning a Yeti and a Flummox and guardianed them to the new Manalith when I was launched into orbit from an Eruption. Look what's behind me.

Looks like I get to kill a Wizard. Damnit I love my job.

On the way across to Charlotte's altar however, James sprung a trap.

Them black clouds are a group of 1 Baldurdash and 2 Earthflings spawning. 4 of these groups surrounded my forces.

I do however have 4 Yetis. One Yeti took out one group each without too much hassle.

Charlotte rocked up and tried to defend herself. She managed to kill one of my Yeti's in the process . I sent my remaining 3 Yetis up to kill any remaining ground-based guardians and Charlotte if she respawned. Meanwhile I had my Flummoxes kill the Aerial Guardians. Note the Jabberocky flanking my Flummoxes. I withdrew my Yetis and got them to attack the Jabberocky to defend my Flummoxes.

After healing up my Yetis, they didn't have too much trouble. I suppose you didn't need confirmation that the Jabberocky was killed, but I just thought this shot was awesome .

I casted Cloudkill to kill both the guardians and the freshly re-spawned Charlotte. My Flummoxes were missing a helluva lot this time for some strange reason.

But then Grakkus decided to join us. This could make things a little difficult.

A little tornado here or there helps though. This was the perfect distraction I needed to destroy Charlotte's Manalith and build my own.

Like so: Unfortunately: I missed the pretty explosion and there's no way in fuck I'm going to play through this again to get it for you. Grakkus must've used some 1-soul units because after that tornado? I didn't see him again for a while.

Desecration of Charlotte begins. If this succeeds? The spider-bitch is dead. She briefly appeared on the minimap so I sent my group of Yetis and Flummoxes after her.

That Flummox I have selected must've got a lucky shot in. The desecration complete: Her Altar destroyed. I never saw Charlotte again. In fact: Nobody will.

Now then. Let's have some fun and be a complete and utter bastard. See: I could summon a Manalith on the Manavault left vacant from Charlotte's Altar. However, I think we could use it as bait first. I figured: If I leave that vacant: Grakkus is going to come and try to claim it as his. He'll bring a large force with him. That means he'll be in range of my Yeti and Flummox, both guardianed who'll hopefully kill him. That'll give me an opportunity to steal the souls of all the troops he brings with him.

Firstly though: To the victor go the spoils. We dont want Grakkus having these lovely souls now do we? See all the red dots on the minimap? They're allll souls ripe for my taking. Some were Charlottes: Others were Grakkus' and some were from random Ambushes.

Ahh look. It's Grakkus. Right on time I sent my Yetis and Flummoxes to kill him before I even touched anything else. I also managed to slime him, slowing him down and putting him at my Yeti's mercy.

Note that there are two dead Manahores and no Grakkus. Worked like a charm! To add insult to injury: I built a Manalith there too.

I was a nuffy and saved over another picture (Sorry guys, I'm a bit rusty!) but I built a fence and completely wiped out his attacking force who were trapped in by my fence. I managed to get every soul that he used against me.

This is Picture 100 for this Mission. It is symbolic for three reasons. #1) It represents how many pictures I have taken for this mission. #2) It explains why I waited until Page 8 to post this update and #3) It shows what will finally end this mission. Another group of 4 Yetis and 4 Flummoxes.

It is time to end this.

Like Charlotte, Grakkus had guardianed his Manalith with flying units. Unlike Charlotte: Grakkus had only chosen 1 Gargoyle (level 1) to do it. My 4 Flummoxes and Cloudkill spell made short work of it.

Why did I cast Cloudkill? Because I fucking can and I'll be damned if complete and utter overkill did not feel positively orgasmic to not only beat this bastard: But kick his ass so hard that he couldn't sit for weeks.

The Manalith explodes under the assault of my Yetis and Flummoxes while Grakkus stares hopelessly on. Soul-less and Mana-less, he can do nothing but sit and wait for the ending.

However: Let's prolong it a bit and make it clear just how completely and totally fucked he is at this point. I created a Manalith and Guardianed 2 of my Flummoxes and 2 of my Yetis to it.

Not even a Rhinok could save James now. The god James was about to die and take Grakkus with him.

Presenting the firing squad. 7 Eager Yetis all waiting to dish out some serious pain.

And so the final desecration on James' altar begins. I cant think of a worse situation than being chased by 7 Yetis and having your location pointed out by a giant holy beam of light. (Unless they're Rhinoks, but 7 Rhinoks would probably start the apocalypse).



Have you ever smelled Napalm in the morning?

Oookay...getting a little creepy there.

Thank you Mr. Victory Screen! You couldn't have interrupted at a better time.

I have never been so fucking happy to see that screen. That mission was a royal pain in the flaming asshole. However: This was not the best sight.

This...This was the sweetest sight. To finally see James' tower in ruins after so long. The worm was now worm-food and his death created a new strain of cannibalistic worms who feasted upon each other.

Strangely enough: They were extinct before winter. Even re-incarnations of James fail.


Nothing like a short mission eh? It's now getting late so I have to go to bed. So here's what I'll do.

Assuming I wake up on-time tomorrow morning, I'll post the reaction then. The reaction allows you to make One Last Decision. I'll be out all-day tomorrow so I wont be able to update then.

SO! Instead of having a limit of 5 votes: It will be unlimited until the day after tomorrow where I will tally the votes and make a start on Mission 9. As per usual: I will explain the pro's and con's of each choice so that you can make the best decision.

Thanks again for waiting goons! This has been an absolute blast.


As the gods died and Chaos spread, a gloomy haze of mistrust and desperation hung over the world. There was a growing sense that these might be the End Days.

That'd be a nice change.

Stratos: We both new this partnership would come to an end eventually and we have both prepared for it. Now we shall discover which of us has miscalculated

Charnel: Oh...That is not all I mean. It is time you confessed your association with Marduk.

Stratos: That is a lie, Marduk was summoned by that Centaur; I merely took advantage of it. When I do not have your necromancers to worry about : I will be able to devote my full attention to finding him and stopping him.

Charnel: No one could believe you. You are a terrible liar.



This is the decision that will change the outcome of the game. Are we going to Ally with Charnel or Stratos?

Charnel: If you would have you showdown against Marduk, go to Thryrhing. I am certain you will find signs of him there.
Spell offered: None.
Unit Offered: Hellmouth. A flying demon, yet somewhat inferior to the Stratos Silverback and every other 9th level creature.
Charnel sends you off to fight Jadugaar who has turned from Neutral, to worshipping Marduk. If you chose this mission: Charnel will send his remaining wizards to defeat Stratos while you're occupied with Jadugaar.

Stratos: Clearly there is only one way to assess this situation. I must destroy Charnel or be destroyed myself. The latter will be MOST unacceptable. Hence an attack on Stygia is in order. Do it.
Spell offered: None
Unit Offered: Silverback. A Giant, Flying Gorilla\Lion creature who is possibly the 3rd most powerful unit in the game. (Rhinoks being superior and possibly Persephone's Dragon)
As Stratos said: It's kill or be killed. If he doesn't send you to Stygia to kill Charnel: Then Stratos will die.


I'll offer a suggestion since this is probably the most important decision of the game.

My Suggestion:  Stratos. Silverbacks are fucking awesome and I think what Charnel's doing is cowardly: Removing the competition with a giant diversion so he can acheive his greater goal. Also despite what he says: We are not actually fighting Marduk, merely one of his apprentices. Stratos has been good to us recently and the Balloon-Headed freak has provided us with the most entertainment. With Stratos' help, we've killed Two Gods, Charnel has only managed to kill One. Let's make it 3. 

The choice is yours goons. Who are we going to side with?