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by TheMcD

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Original Thread: Inheritance disputes, magnet puzzles and more - let's play Safecracker 2!



So, what's all this then?

This is "Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure" (forthwith referred to as "Safecracker 2"), a spiritual sequel to the original Safecracker by Daydream Software, made by Kheops Studio and published by The Adventure Company.

Kheops Studio? The Adventure Company?

Yeah, not exactly household names. Kheops Studio is a French development division of Cryo Interactive that made barely notable adventure games mostly based on literature. Personally, I didn't recognize a single game they made beyond this one.

The Adventure Company is a publishing label of Nordic Games, used for - what else - adventure games, mostly of the point-and-click variety. Their most notable publishing deal is "Sam & Max Save The World", and even that one wasn't an original deal.

The only thing relating Safecracker 2 to the first is that The Adventure Company was originally a division of DreamCatcher Interactive, the company that published the first one.

And what's this game about?

This game is a mixture between a puzzle game and a point-and-click-adventure - you look around in rooms, solving puzzles to find more stuff to solve more puzzles with. Basically, it's the same as the first game.

As an aside, I'm probably going to be referring to the first game a lot during this LP, so if you haven't read my LP of it yet, check it out at . It's not that long, so it shouldn't take that much time.

Then, how does this game compare to the first one?

Eh... this is where the issues start coming in. I'll go over this in more detail in the actual LP, but suffice it to say it doesn't surpass the first one, and actually falls fairly short.

But hey, the best way to show that is to show the game, so let's get going!

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