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Saints Row 2

by Kaubocks & Panzer Skank

Part 1: Fanart and gifs

NextTime000's beautiful rendition of Jeffrey, the human antenna.

grancheater pinpointing the very moment of Jeffrey realizing his higher calling.

grancheater's instant replay of Panzer's trip into the future.

grancheater immortalizing our secret double slam dunk technique.

NextTime000 grossly overestimating how much thought we put into the secret double slam dunk technique.

grancheater capturing a rather calm and collected explosion.


Niggurath capturing the essence of our LP in a single gif: explosions, baseball bats, taint, and Donnie.

Wordybird getting into the Donnie Day spirit.

Niggurath showing us Donnie's totally perfect and not broken at all AI.

So that's why my head is so flat...

Tuskin38 with his own alternative title for the LP.

St Evan Echoes implying that maybe I'm no better at this game than Panzer.

Can't have an update that shows off my horrible taint without making a gif of it, can we?

The only cool thing I've ever done in my life.

A gif from unused footage in Episode 12. The final unwanted view of naked zora naughty bits.

Your Computer providing us with sweet catharsis.

Never trust Panzer with a satchel charge.

CptUnderpant! Your girlfriend! Woof!

Your Computer's direct camera feed to my apartment whenever Panzer starts giggling.

Niggurath getting hype for the first annual Saints Row 2 Dance Party.

Niggurath's visual representation of Cow Box and Panzer Stank.

Veloxyll's hit new Twitch channel idea.

Rirse celebrating Jessica Escaped the only way we know how.

Camel Pimp's theory on the rules of reality bending when it comes to Jessica.

Lance Streetman wanted a second look at those spring-loaded tires.

Your Computer can't get enough of my boss.

Your Computer dominating the whole thread.

Veloxyll's damning proof of what a horrible person Panzer is.

Rigged Death Trap coming up with a perfume nobody asked for or ever wants.

Panzer Skank posted:

7:26 PM - Panzer Skank ┐('~`;)┌: that's makeup not perfume
7:26 PM - Panzer Skank ┐('~`;)┌: foundation
7:26 PM - Panzer Skank ┐('~`;)┌: but i dont think it matters b/c it says OUR IDEAL NUDE

M.Ciaster taking a screenshot of my boss in game? I don't know. Someone tell me if I'm missing something obvious here.

M.Ciaster showcasing Jessica's amazing getaway skills.

Your Computer pointing out that motorcycles are really just boats with wheels.

Your Computer coming up with a gif neither Panzer and I can come up with a caption for.

gschmidl's Special Edition Saints Row 2 cover art.

Your Computer noticed some clipping issues with the skateboards, as if they weren't meant to be in the game at all.

Your Computer proving Panzer might be a better Austin Powers than I am.

Panzer Skank giving us her view of Rocket Man going ballistic.

St Evan Echoes permanently showcasing the time Panzer realized I was her best friend forever.


Your Computer's video proof that Rocket Man didn't actually have a rocket launcher. That was all skill, baby.

M.Ciaster's perfect rendition of Sexual Grimace and The Living Cheesepuff. Seriously, look at the emotion captured in their faces.

Your Computer showing Panzer's true feelings about me.

Your Computer proving whether it be land, sea, or air, Panzer still can't drive.

Your Computer pinpointing the exact moment where my hubris gets the best of me.

Niggurath thinks there might be something wrong with the trains?

Mr. Trampoline's local newspaper was having a really slow day.

Niggurath enjoys that despite the horrible flight Panzer had, it was really the sign that did her in.

Panzer Skank's connection to the game sometimes pings the skateboard dimension-- just for a moment.

Gorilla Salad made a gif but JOKE'S ON YOU I'VE NEVER SEEN ZARDOZ.

Niggurath claims that it's me-- I'm the Wiener Man.

Laughing Turtle displaying our Ouroboros of fire.

Your Computer has good news.

Your Computer knows when a junkie needs a skateboard slap.

Panzer Skank not only can't drive cars but also can't run away from them either.

Laughing Turtle sometimes gets a little... excited... when a new episode comes out (it is a penis joke).

Rigged Death Trap knows to never trust Panzer with a satchel charge.

M.Ciaster has a thing for totally radical cars.

M.Ciaster peacin' out in a hurry.

Devious Vacuum is slowly being driven insane by Girl Games but that's ok if she keeps bringing us stuff like this.

Your Computer showing us but a glimpse of my truly professional helicopter piloting skills.

Your Computer thinks we might be in need of an exorcism.

Panzer Skank doesn't think the cheerleader looked any better on her end.

grancheater thinks the OP could use some work.

grancheater is impressed with our totally planned and coordinated double satchel strike.

Panzer Skank knows how to storm a boat in style.

Panzer Skank can't get enough of the ocean.

Your Computer is wrong. There's always time for poopies.

Rigged Death Trap struggles with object permanence sometimes.

grancheater is going to be having nightmares about puppy trains for a while.

Just when I think the Brotherhood can't get any stupider.

Laughing Turtle enjoys how aerodynamic Panzer's boss is.

Gorilla Salad is impressed with my self-launched skeet shooting.

Crossbowflex may have taken our suggestion of a ghost Sunshine too seriously. Or not seriously enough. I can't tell.

grancheater thinks I may not be setting up the most subtle of traps.

Devious Vacuum points out the more visual disdain the game holds for us trying to play it. You know, because the game crashing just isn't enough.

Kloro finds peace as I smile and vanish, as all angels must when we no longer need them.

Laughing Turtle knows a Jeffrey when he sees one. But wait... what did that say?

Angry Lobster thinks the Ronin may not fight as honorably as we were led to believe.

Panzer Skank shows us how she rolls out of bed in the morning.

Kloro and Chaos Argate both made rad Donnie gifs so I just went with the smoothest one.

Jobbo_Fett has some less-than-kind words for Donnie.

grancheater captures the essence of truly skillful Gyro Daddy piloting.

Chaltab noticed I angered the lion gods in ruining the café-- their idol rising and trembling in rage.

M.Ciaster brandishes his skateboard; ready for action.

M.Ciaster agrees that the Brotherhood doesn't get much smarter ideas than this.

Ice Phisherman bringing out the big guns skateboards.

Adnor is fascinated by how shockingly sturdy Brotherhood vehicles are.

Lance Streetman scientifically proves that trucks reproduce asexually.

Kloro just FUCKING HATES when people talk loudly on their cellphone in public.

grancheater arms his troops with nothing but the finest skateboards.

Panzer Skank managed to rebound pretty hard off the water, I have to say.

Lance Streetman never really understood the concept of personal space.

Lance Streetman captures rare live footage of real gladiatorial combat.

grancheater agrees it was about time someone hefted Panzer off a building.

grancheater literally somersaults for joy whenever a Gyro Daddy is involved.

Lance Streetman swears he sees things happening in the background but I'm pretty sure he's just imagining things.

Angry Lobster had to go and ruin everyone's fun by calling the Ghostbusters on us.

Lance Streetman understands you just don't need a skateboard if you're in a car.

Lance Streetman thinks the cops in Stilwater might be a bit high-strung.

Angry Lobster and ChefRavioLee both made rad gifs of JeffreySkank so I just went with the smoothest one.


Panzer Skank was confused that I thought Wong was dead and here's why.

Lance Streetman agrees that my disguise was picture perfect.

Lance Streetman rounds out my run ins with being run over.

Kloro approves of our sweet outfits and choice of vehicle.

Laughing Turtle used a special image filter to reveal the curse of the spooky ghost car.

Panzer Skank briefly got knocked under the bleachers in our attempt to break that Brotherhood mission.

Renzuko got a way bigger tombstone than he needed for Panzer's tiny balls.

ThaGhettoJew knows we totally don't got this.

Kloro literally has a body pillow of my latest boss and it's kinda creepy but also endearing??

Lance Streetman showing us how he shakes that thang.

Lance Streetman thinks we might have gone a little overboard fighting Ultor.

Devious Vacuum has a hunch where Panzer got her mad limo-driving skills from.

Camel Pimp believes he can fly/that he can touch the sky/he thinks about it every night and day

Laughing Turtle buzzes around the room furiously.

Laughing Turtle knows the job is done and prepares to skateboard off into the sunset.

Lance Streetman doesn't trust me with a Nukamingo.

Lance Streetman has to be the one driving these cars it's the only thing that makes sense.

Lance Streetman agrees that a faster Gyro Daddy indoors is a recipe for disaster.

Lance Streetman captures Panzer's graceful flight over and over and over and over...

Lance Streetman likes long walks on the beach and the feeling of a gentle summer rain.

Angry Lobster sometimes gets so angry he can't help but bludgeon someone to death with a nuclear flamingo.

Lance Streetman had to get in one more gif of me getting run over before the end of the LP.

NextTime000 waves farewell as we blast off at the speed of light.

TheDarkFlame made a comic so good you ain't even need to watch the last episode to know what happened.


@aaronm from twitter encouraging Panzer's awful behavior.

gnome7 congratulating Panzer for her stellar crater.

gnome7 recognizing my incredible softball abilities.

gschmidl applauding Panzer for her God-given right as an American to fire guns willy-nilly out of car windows.

Stratavarius swears this is an award but it just looks like a screenshot from one of our videos to me.

Veloxyll commending me for driving occasionally.

DeviousVacuum breaking out the classy awards.

oldskool awarding Panzer for obeying the laws of gravity.

Camel Pimp congratulating Donnie for... Donnie!

M.Ciaster issuing Panzer the highest honor available in marine biology.

M.Ciaster deeming my boat driving worthy of award.

Kloro do you even have the authority to give out Oscars??

gschmidl creatively awarding me for "Best Use of Satchel Charges Mini Nukes".

Camel Pimp proving even inanimate objects deserve recognition, too.

Chaltab proudly awarding Panzer for her blatant disregard for the space-time continuum.

Ramengank giggles furiously as MSPaint fires up.

Lance Streetman figures if a building can win an award, why not a dog?


Merijn decides I finally did something worth recognition.

YourAverageJoe knows only the fanciest of awards will do when it comes to Panzer's testicles.

Your Computer speaks on behalf of everyone when he presents us with title of ~LP OF THE YEAR~

Lunethex thinks I did a pretty good job at keeping the peace.

Shugojin knows too many cars deserve this award so here's a blanket one.

Camel Pimp perfectly encapsulates what Panzer and I call "friendship".

Lunethex knows there's one thing Panzer is really good at.