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Part 10: Continued

Chapter 2 Continued

Well, I guess the most logical place to look for the children would be the two buildings right here... oh, look, a crowbar. I'll take that.

Ugh. So glad I came in here.

I go look elsewhere, and before long, see one of them poking his head out of... the rotten fish barrel.



There's another one!

Here's number four... Just one more.

Oh, look - as I go back past the statue, I find her sitting there planting her seeds.

Using my new crowbar, I forcefully remove the boards from the old schoolhouse, and...

Recall, if you will, back to the tower cells, in chapter 1. Specifically, Lenny. "I must not have heard her... where did your mother tell them to go?" "She told them to go to school."

Oh Jesus... Jesus!

You sick little freak!

I quickly remove myself from the schoolhouse and return to the statue.

Wh... what?


Wha... Carol?

I go and ask Eileen.

Oh, hell. Looks like it's back to searching. Wait a minute... Carol... I read her diary... and the newspaper... oh God...

As I back away, I notice Eileen's shovel. Seems she's finished planting her pumpkins.

'Please, please, please tell me I'm wrong...' I think, as I look back over my shoulder at these sick fucking kids and make my way back... the graveyard. Oh Jesus! Oh...

Well, if I'm going to win this sick game, I've got to 'find' Carol. And that leaves only one possible solution. I'd best get to work...

Cinematic: Grave

Oh, Jesus, I'm going strait to hell.

When I'm finished, I stand back to examine my work... and 'Lumpy' comes over with a wheelbarrow, and... scoops her up and carts her away?

Yeah... cool...

I've got to get out of here. Right now.

Dammit, kid! There's SO many things I could say... and do to you right now! But all I can manage is...

I go back to the store, now that I've got the key, and... strike out.

Ah-ha! In the other half, I strike solid gold: because there's nothing else in town I could use to cart gas around then this here empty gas can, and now that I've got it...

I know how what I need to do. I'm going to kill Mother. In a way that would make Rube Goldberg proud. But first...

...I throw a rock at the church bell.

Only one kid comes to the church, but that's ok - that's what I'd counted on.

Using my newly acquired wrench, I remove the hose from the faucet, and take it.

Back down to the abandoned car, and... steal that kid's fishing rod, too.

Ahh, yes.

Using the gas can and the hose, I siphon that shit out.

This'll do nicely. Just one thing left to collect...

I fish the cross out of the creek.

I fill up the old generator, and start her up.

I move over to the comet, and lodge my new metal cross in between the vines...

Hook my jumper cables up to the generator...

Killing Mother

...and the other end, to the cross.

Having fried that sick alien fucker up good, I make my way away from the barn - the smell is absolutely horrible. And what's this?

She doesn't tell me - just heads through the tunnel, and I follow...

Chapter 3: The Courtyard and Chapel

Wait... wha... how... did I... but that would mean...

To Be Continued...