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by Joudas

Part 11: , Continued

Chapter 3, Continued

So here I am, back in the asylum again. How did I get here? Or... did I ever really leave in the first place?

Clean as ever...

What an odd man.


Uh... sure.

In the background is some absolutely godawful music playing.

You've got that right, at least.

On the bench nearby sits a very old man... wearing ballarina slippers and a tutu.

Might as well cut right to the chase.


Wow... witty.

The kids were more helpful then this guy...

Right. Moving along.

It appears to be an orderly. He'll be able to help me, I'm sure of it.

I recently forgot my own name, and you expect me to remember yours too?

Yeah, that's sure to work.

Okay, then. Well, you're clearly a busy man, so I'll just be... um... leaving.

Another orderly.


No, I meant... nevermind.


Should have known that, I suppose.

What helpful employees this asylum has.

Hmm. Better leave that alone. Not because I don't want to mess with it... it's locked.

Right, then.

This one actually looks friendly. Maybe he'll be able to help me out...

To Be Continued...