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Part 14: The Circus of Fools

Sorry 'bout the delay - had some problems with the second disc that needed resolution.

Chapter 4: The Circus of Fools

I look up from the fountain, and find something I did not expect: an island! And, I-

-am a girl!
Immediately upon entering the area, Max transforms into a young girl - his sister.

There's a man - he's crying!

Wow! That sounds exciting!

Grot... grotesqu... what?

Mr. Baldinni runs off towards the tent.

I can hear him shouting from inside!

Unfortunately, that's not the game I was given tickets to play.

Well, it's a non-issue, because this isn't the one, either.

But I can't play it!

Well, guess I've got to start sometime...

Ooh! Rides!

I take the anchor he offers me and smash the squid's tongue! Ink shoots up and rings the bell, and the nice man hands me some tickets!

Yay! Now that I've got tickets, the whole circus available to me.

To Be Continued...