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Part 16: , Continued

slowbeef posted:

I concur.

Joudas, you son of a bitch! Fuck Thanksgiving, update!

Fair enough! Nothing else to do anyway!

As far as ChuckMaster's commentary - fucking awesome, man. I never would have expected to find a dev for
this game of all things here. Anything you'd like to add, feel free to step in!

Chapter 4, Continued

The ringmaster's tent! Let's see who all these people are!

Anything, you say?

Well, maybe I can find something he can juggle for a challenge!

It's the strongman!

'cause wierd guys getting your name tattooed on their arm is the perfect way to show them you care, right? Wouldn't creep them out at all? No, of course not.

She can breath fire!

Cinematic: Wedding Part 2

Ohh! This is Inferno!

Oh... she's married? Oops...

Oh. I guess it's okay, then.


Hmm. So I need to find fuel. I have an idea of where I could get some! But first...

Let's go see Mr. Baldinni again!

Okay... clowns!


Her dog died? That's sad! Maybe I can cheer her up.

She's got pie!

Whoa. I was just trying to help...

That question has gotten me so far with the other clowns, why not ask her as well?

Hmm. Well, okay. I'll need to find some fuel so Inferno will teach me to breath fire, something to challenge the juggler with, and either a way off this island or a way to stop that squid.

To be continued...