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Part 17: , Continued

Chapter 4, Continued

Let's go back to the tattoo booth and see how the strongman is doing! (And as a convenient side effect, see if I can get one of those bottles of rubbing alcohol as a fuel source!)


Now I can learn to breath fire!

Inferno spews a gout of flame!

I mimic her, breathing my own gout of flame.


There's still an area on the beach I haven't been to - let's see what's down there.

Ooh, fortune telling!


That's a rather casual way of discussing a crazed squid-beast that's eating everyone!

I hand him some tickets...

She's going to join PETA when she grows up.

Ooh, a werewolf!

Hmm. So I still need to find something to challenge the juggler with, and now, some way to open Timber's cage.

To Be Continued...

And I missed a video - scroll back up for it, it's in the previous update, when meeting Inferno.