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Part 18: , Continued

Chapter 4, Continued

Exiting the freak show, I take a look at the merry-go-round nearby. Half of it's broken off completely.

I use the oilcan I pilfered from the shacks on the hill, and...

Woot! Fixed!

However, it soon grinds to a halt. Now, though, the part that's not broken creates a convenient walkway over to the last remaining part of the island I have to explore: the funhouse!

Hmm. It's a "You must be this tall..." style sign.

Cinematic: Clown Sign Part 1
Well that's not very nice!

I start with my usual greeting.

Aww! That's sad.

Oh poo! Well, I want to see the funhouse, so I'll have to find another way in.

But for now... let's get Timber out of that cage. I head back up to the tattoo booth, and steal the needles from the counter.

Oops, I got caught.

That's okay, though - still got the needles!

I head back to the freakshow, and deftly pick the lock with the needles. I have no idea where I learned that!

Timber jumps out and runs off up the hill, presumably to dig up his bones. Let's go find him!

Hey, there's his hole! Let's take a look...

Pardon the dark picture - it fades to black before cinematics and I didn't get the screenshot quite fast enough to catch it beforehand.

Cinematic: Dog Hole

Oh, no! What happened to Timber?! Could that have been the squid everyone's talking about?

Hmm. Wand, check. Flask, check. Reflection? I'll have to work on that.

Leaving the hole for now, I decide to work on one of the other problems I've been presented with: Something to challenge the juggler. I head back down to the carnival games, and find...

This must have come from the game I broke! I'll take that, and...


He throws me one of his red balls, and I throw him the bowling pin in return. I thank him for the ball, and...

Now that I've got the ball, I return to the funhouse.

Surely a red ball would work fine for a nose?

Cinematic: Clown Sign Part 2
Hurray! Surely now I can get into the funhouse!

I hand the man 5 tickets.

Cinematic: Shattered Mirror
That was a cool funhouse!

I head up into the tent above, and find a fortune teller.

Wow! She's good!

Ahh! So it was her warning. Well, maybe this mirror shard from the funhouse would qualify as 'the reflection'...


...teleports me out of her tent!

Well, that was cool!

One last thing before I bite the bullet and jump down the hole. Someone mentioned a house across the water from the island - one that was haunted. There's some binoculars at the far side of the island. Let's take a look.

Cinematic: View Finder
For some reason I can't quite place, that house looks familiar.

But that's irrelivant right now: I've only one place left to go...

...down the hole.

To Be Continued...