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Part 19: B: The Cave

Chapter 4B: The Cave

Well, this is a nice predicament I've gotten myself into. I can't see a thing!

Using my mirror, I start a small fire in the bones...

...which doesn't appear to brighten things up at all, but in fact must, because I'm not afraid of the water anymore.

Periodically, a tentacle lashes out at me - but using my newfound firebreathing ability, I'm able to send it back into the depths.

The other hazard here is the falling stalactites. Getting hit by one hurts quite a bit.

Then at the end of the cave, I find the squidbeast itself!

But luckilly, I came prepared!

A few blasts of flame sends it back into the depths... forever.

Whoa! That must be Max talking!

We head through the crack in the wall, and find...

Chapter 4C: The Mansion

To Be Continued

This is arguably one of the best areas of the game - definitely one of my favorites. So tune in later tonight, and we'll see what the mansion has in store.