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Part 20: C: The Mansion

Chapter 4C: The Mansion

I emerge from the tunnels into what appears to be a basement. Most curious.

It doesn't translate well to pictures, but various parts of the room swirl and distort themselves, almost like what you'd see in a dream.

As I walk up the stairs, a ghostly apparition appears on the stairs. The door opens, and another ghost - this one an adult - walks in.

I stand witness, a silent spectator, as the ghosts play out a scene before me, oblivious to my presence.

The child runs inside, and all is quiet once again.

Following, I find myself in a large mansion.

Taking a few steps forward, more ghosts appear: the man from the stairs, and another - a woman.

I investigate what she was cooking - but it seems it was no more real then she was.

The closet is empty, too.

The paintings here swirl and distort much like the objects in the basement.

I try the door to the study, but it's locked. Behind it, the ghostly man sits reading the newspaper, oblivious to my presence still.

Proceeding up the hallway, once again the ghosts appear, playing out a scene. The boy - Max - professes a desire to become a doctor.

A grandfather clock.

Guess I can't tamper with this. Instead, I proceed upstairs.

This whole mansion is creeping me out.

I start at the bottom: a boy's room, presumably Max's.

This all looks mildly familiar...

I turn on the radio, and find a news program playing.

As I turn to leave, the boy appears on the bed, crying.

I try the next room, but it's locked.

Check out that reflection - this game has some kick ass special effects, for the time period!

As I enter the study, the woman is sitting on a chair knitting.

As fast as she appeared, she's gone.

Or is she?

I move towards the VCR, and the ghost man appears on the couch.

In the bedroom, I find a key.

The key opens the clock face.

I set the hands to 6:00.

The ghost man appears in his study once more...

...and heads for the door...

...leaving it open.

I poke around in his study, and find some video tapes...

...and another key.

Let's watch this tape.

Cinematic: Secret Hiding Place
She looks familiar!

I try to head up to the attic - the area depicted in the video.

Luckilly, the key I found opens the door.

I find another key, hidden behind a teddy bear.

Hey, a trampoline!

I jump on the trampoline, and...

...clear over the boxes.

It's a toybox!

I open the toybox, and find a doll... it looks like a clown!

I climb back over the boxes, and follow the ghost...

I try the door and it's still locked, but the boy opens it for me.

I give the dolly to the ghostly girl on the bed...

There's really no commentary needed here, and adding some would just detract from the scene. So I'll leave it at that.

To Be Continued...