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Part 21: The Laboratory

Chapter 5: The Laboratory

Once again confused about where I am or how I got here, I do the only thing I can do: go look around.

This portrait triggers a memory...

Cinematic: Morgan's Father

I've seen this portrait before...

As I turn, the portrait falls from it's hanger...

...revealing a hole with a pipe valve hidden in it.

I leave the small office, and head up to the other side of the catwalk: the only other place I can go.

I use the valve I found earlier on the pipe, and power up the machine.

The machine which I can't get a screenshot of, as the puzzles all cancel out if you press a key, screenshot button included consists of a large round stone held in place by 8 clamps, a pullchain, a wheel, and a knifeswitch. The wheel turns an electromagnet with 3 contacts. The knifeswitch, when pulled, toggles the clamps corresponding to the position of the contacts, and the chain resets the puzzle. The object is to release all of the clamps.

This can be frustratingly difficult, but luckilly there's a hint: the clock. The trick is to set the electromagnet to the first position (1 o'clock), then proceed around one position at a time, pulling the knifeswitch at each, counterclockwise to the 8th position (8 o'clock). This completes the puzzle, releasing the stone.

The stone falls into place, and lifts the portcullis blocking the door to the laboratory.

Let's go see what's in-

Oh Jesus!

As I step into the laboratory, another memory hits me.

Cinematic: Morgan and Max' Friendship

It seems I knew Doctor Morgan before I came to the asylum... studied under him, even!

Ignoring the viscera surrounding me momentarilly, I turn my attention to the tape recorder on the desk...

Doctor Morgan's monologue is cut off by another speaker - possibly one of his aides - and they carry on a brief conversation, captured on tape.

What is this place?! This is attrocious!

The message mentioned the passcode being encrypted in the blackboards.

I glance briefly at a cage full of death before turning my attention back to the security system.

The blackboards are difficult to screenshot, and I can't figure out why. The game seems to override Fraps when I look at them. I was able to get a shot of one of them, however. The other two are similarly incoherant.

Some of the letters, when moused over, can be clicked. This drops them down into a row below. The first letter in each sentence can be moved down, then they must be unscrambled to form words. Each blackboard has a few words, which then form...

...the options at the security box.

I give the password, the door opens, and I step through...

Cinematic: Hidden Research

Chapter 6: The Hive

To Be Continued...