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by Joudas

Part 22: The Hive

Chapter 6: The Hive

I awaken, held fast to some sort of alien mass. Grunting, I tear my arms free, and...

...destroy my captor with my bare hands.

...I muse to myself, cleaning the insectoid ichor from my four hands.

Perhaps I can make use of this.

While the touch of the alien object is repulsing, I must do what I must.

This entire place seems to be alive - one communal writhing mass of disgusting insectoid bulk. I do not remember much. I must explore this place I've come to inhabit... but with caution.

It seems this harness has worked.

Or maybe it hasn't.

...I swear, momentarilly allowing my frustration to get the better of me.

Yes, yes, I've already covered that. Let's see what that function may be.

Hmm. I seem to be inside some sort of construction suspended high in the air.

What grotesqueries are these?!

He seems to recognize me.

I see I am not alone here. This is good. I will need all the allies I can find, if I am to unravel this mystery.

It seems these insectoids are technologically advanced. This is odd - I do not remember them being such.

I tear the pincer from it's moorings, taking a small measure of pleasure in the hope that I may have caused an insect somewhere pain in doing so. I'll keep this as a trophy.

It seems I've stumbled into some sort of foundry.

...I inquire of the bug, wasting no time on formalities with one so unworthy as this.

...I lie. The insects are blind - it thinks me one of them.

Again, mention of this 'Gromna' - this is all very curious.

Cybernetics. So this 'Gromna' is responsible for the insectoids' technological advancements.

I take a quick look around... and notice something I had not seen before! This is attrocious!

This is horrible! I will not tolerate this any longer then I must. I will put a stop to this!

To Be Continued...