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Part 23: , Continued

Chapter 6, Continued

I decide I can gain nothing here at this time, and proceed to the next building.

Oh Grap, I had not counted on this!

Aha, this is Gravin's pod.

Luckilly, he gave me the password.

I collect those. Perhaps I can put them to use elsewhere.

This, too, I take.

, I wonder aloud, and walk over to the viewing device.

Cinematic: World History

Everything here seems to be alive.

Back in the furnace, now armed with some implements of destruction, I notice a fatal flaw in the bugs' furnace.

Not wasting a moment, I exploit it.

That should keep them busy for a while.

I pump the bellows myself...

...and burn the opperator to a crisp.

This puzzle kicked my ass for quite some time.

What in the fuck?
The biggest obstacle with this puzzle is realizing what is a control and what is scenary. Clicking on the symbols on the upper left moves the handle up to that symbol. The two dials on the lower center change the colored lights next to the dragonfly thing. The button next to it's head resets the puzzle. The three green buttons on it's back causes it to extend it's wings which allows the lights to shine through symbols imprinted on the wings. The object is to arrange the wings and lights so that the symbols shown match those on the left, then press the two buttons on the lower right to lock those symbols in.

When we complete the puzzle...

The furnace explodes, shutting down for good.

I collect the arm on my way out. Surely I can put this to some use.

Back in Gravin's pod...

Very well. I will obtain an upgrade for my harness, then I will bring you proof of Gromna's wickedness.

To Be Continued...