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Part 24: , Continued

Chapter 6, Continued

Alternate title: "Where in the fucking level did I see these cinematics?!"

Taking Gravin's advice, I head back to the building I first found him in. The crazy two-eyed two-armed alien baby is gone, and the robot-bug that was working on it seems to be idle. I decide to talk to it.

Gromna is responsible for helping the insects? This is not good at all, but lends further validity to my claims.

Eve of... Retribution?

I knew it!

Ahh. So the insects fear our nuclear weaponry. This is good to know. I must act fast.

Oh grap.

I leave the chamber, and head back to Gravin to report my failier.

Sounds like a solid plan. I will put it into action immediately.

Limb scanner? That's not good. If I stick my arm in there, they'll see I'm not an insectoid. That would be bad.

That is fortunate, as I didn't want to put my arm in there anyway.

I take stock of my available options. Ah-ha! This should do nicely.

I put the severed mechanical limb into the scanner.

Now, there's a cinematic here, but there's a lot of cinematics in this chapter, and I'm not sure I recall where they all go. So here's to hoping this is the right one, but if not, it shouldn't upset things much... long as they're all in here somewhere.

Cinematic: Hope Treatment

The treatment must have caused these halucinations. No matter, they've passed now.

Now that I've got my ID Harness upgraded, I can enter this building.

Oh Jesus, what is this?!

His... transformation seems to have affected his brain!

Aha! This... thing knows Gromna!

Best line in the chapter, right there.

'Bottles' of joy?

Clones?! That's horrible!

Guessing on this one. Once again, if I've got them out of order, someone feel free to point it out and I'll re-arrange them, but it won't matter, story-wise.

Cinematic: Morgan's Philosophy

I try to pull the bottle down, but alas, I cannot.

Perhaps I can put this to some use.

Indeed I can. I cut the bottle away.

Surely this will prove sufficient proof for Gravin. I should bring it to him.

And quickly! I must hurry!

To Be Continued...