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by Joudas

Part 25: Continued

Chapter 6 Continued

Quickly, I return and show Gravin the bottle.

He then walks over to Gromna's pod, and I follow.

Finally, I'm making progress.

After Gravin takes his leave, I further investigate the pod.

Cinematic: Max's Discovery Part 1

I remove the pillow and discover a key under it. What a poor hiding place.

I take the control device and head down to the machine where Gravin waits.

I return to the chamber and look for a way to access the upper levels. Interestingly, this odd control device I found in Gromna's pod has a strange effect on this tube-like structure...

I use the device, and the tube expands to an alarming size, sucks me in, and disgorges me once again on the upper level.

Cinematic: Gromna and his Children

What an unpleasant experience.

He seems no better off then the one below.

I cannot allow this to happen!

Again, mention of these clones!
It's difficult to see in the screenshots, but the platform Grimwall is standing on is in fact a large cage, and many tiny hands reach up through the cracks.

To Be Continued...