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Part 26: Continued

Chapter 6 Continued

Turning away from the half-cyclopse half-insect, I take a good look at the attrocities surrounding me.

This puzzle is based on sound - each of the bulbs produces a different tone when clicked. Clicking on the caged children causes them to sing a 6-note tune (the same one you can faintly hear in the Gromna cinematic above when he opens the door), which, in addition to being horribly creepy, is the tune that must be duplicated here to open the door.

I duplicate the tune, and the tendrils blocking the door slide away.

Stepping into the tube causes it to spit me out one level higher. Here, for the first time, I witness the true horror of this opperation: cyclopian children, tied to the enormous insectoid queen, bleeding while she absorbs and feeds on their blood.

There's not enough do this justice.

Luckilly, I still have the tools I picked up earlier.

Quickly, I hurry back down to where Gravin was working.

But as I arrive, the previously-fragile walkway collapses entirely.


I throw him the part I took from above...

...and he installs it into the machine.

He finishes installing the part, and a swirling purple portal opens up on the platform near him.

I return quickly to the upper levels the same way I went before.

Climbing the rope, I find a horrific sight.

Gromna himself, along with the insectoid queen, and some sort of video broadcast.

Not if I have anything to say about it!

This must be what Gravin was looking for.

As I pull it free, another portal springs to life!

Cinematic: Max's Discovery, Part 2

I quickly step through the portal, and find myself back down with Gravin.

Gravin redirects the portal, and we step through, recanting the events of the past hours. A nuclear strike on the Hive is ordered immediately. We've put an end to a great threat this day, but I will not allow myself to forget the rest of the team, who's lives were lost to make this possible.

Cinematic: Destruction of the Hive

Chapter 7: The Morgue and Cemetary

To Be Continued...