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Part 27: The Morgue and Cemetary

Well, we're getting right down to it... let's not stop!

Chapter 7: The Morgue and Cemetary

When I wake up, it's cold, and... dark. I feel around for something, anything, and my hands strike cold metal on all sides. Panic begins to take over. I thrash around briefly, and to my ultimate relief... light.

That white blob looks much better when it's animated - it's Max's breath, not some fucked up hat.

Suddenly, the corpse sits up.

This is significant in that it's the first time during the non-halucination chapters that Max seems to be halucinating. Perhaps there's more to this then we thought.

The corpse... is talking to me!

Max, not seeing anything strange about this, just responds without missing a beat.

The door puzzle is pretty simple - when the wheel at the top right is turned, the gear near it works its way up the shaft. When it reaches the top, you can use the left/right sliding lever to make one of the gears on the left move to the right slightly, and the gear in the long shaft slides to the bottom again. Repeat this 3 times for each of the lefthand gears, and they'll engage the second gear near them. Turn the wheel in the center, and the door slides open.

As I step into what appears to be an office, a memory overtakes me.

Cinematic: Morgan's Greed
I'll edit in the URL for this as soon as it's done processing.

I'll take that...

And those.

Ha! Pretentious indeed.

I'll take that too. Just for good measure.

I check out the next room, and find a crematorium.

The other bodies are numbered '2', '7', and '9'.

I'll take that. Nothing more to do in here (the furnace door is locked and the controls don't work), so I head outside.

The best part about this is that Max says it in a very way, too. As though he knows it's an old tired joke and the voice actor can't believe he's having to read it. I like it.

Clicking the tree does nothing.

Well, I've explored the grounds. Now, to figure out how to get out of here...

To Be Continued...