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Part 28: , Continued

Chapter 7, Continued


There's a valve on the pipe leading to the furnace - maybe it's turned off. But the valve is outside so technically I can't see it at all, but for sake of continuity, let's assume... - how can I get there? There was no path outside the building.

This is clearly the obvious solution.


The first throw damages but does not break the wall...

So I throw it again.

The second throw is successful.

I climb over the table and out the hole...

...pick up the spare piece of pipe laying on the ground, just for good measure...

...and turn on the gas.

Back in the crematorium, the controls are now responsive.

I eventually figure it out, and turn on the furnace.

Now, what to do with this...

I know! I'll incinerate these bodies that're hanging here. That's the answer, surely.

Body goes in, tray covered in ashes comes out.

I collect up the ashes in my urn. Let's recap: I found a crematorium, and an urn. So I did the first thing that came to mind: burned some bodies and took the ashes. I'm one sick fuck.

But, being a sick fuck pays off.

Now you think of that?

Hmm. It seems whoever I just incinerated had a glass eye. I collect that.

I rub the ashes into the grave...

Hmm... this is decidedly unhelpful at the moment.

Back in the morgue, I decide that getting back into the cold storage would be a good plan, but the door is frozen shut.

I unscrew the pipes with my monkey wrench...

...and replace it with the U-joint I picked up earlier.

This quickly thaws the room.

A moment to reflect on the corpse I talked to briefly earlier...

...and I go check out the trays.

...and he sits up.

I know the place...

Hmm, what?

Sure, pops!


I'll have to investigate that further.

I check out another drawer in search of the scratching sound.

...and another...


...and so on and so forth.

None of them appear to have anything there, so I take a look inside. Sure enough, I find something.

Good thing I picked these matches up. I light a match, and...

I thought I got screenshots of this, but apparently I didn't. When you light the match, you're presented with a standard fullscreen puzzle, amounting to a bunch of incoherant and unclickable scratches. You can fiddle with these forever and not get anywhere, but when you close the puzzle out, you can use the glass eye obtained from the cremated corpse to re-enter the puzzle screen. Now, you can move the eye around the screen, and the scratches become clear words when the eye passes over them.

It says:
There once was a man
who planted a tree
and spoke to it daily
in reverent rhymes.
Before the man died,
he shared it with me.
The rhyme I have spoken
to the tree many times.
Approach it with caution,
and whisper these words:
'Speak to me, tree,
lest your eyes nest with birds!'

I head out of the morgue once more, to the tree I saw moving earlier.

It worked!

The tree moves aside.

I use the prism with the light I saw earlier... A beam of light refracts between the angelic statue and the aztek one on the dome, and the door opens.

Inside, I find Morgan himself.

Morgan activates the machine he stands in front of, and disapears in a flash of light.

Hmm. Most curious.

Hmm. Clicking on the buttons changes the image shown on the plates. The notes I found describe the first and fifth picture - but I'll still need to find three more if I'm to solve this puzzle with any shred of sanity left.

Back in the office, I find the remaining three clues.

Armed with the five clues, I head back to the calender, and align the five symbols.

A flash of light similar to the one that took Morgan away surrounds me, but...

Then it flashes again, and takes me to...

Chapter 8: The Lost Village

To Be Continued