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Part 29: The Lost Village

Chapter 8: The Lost Village

I awaken in a damp cavern. Taking a moment to steady myself, I see a number of villagers worshipping me, as well they should be. In front of them, another primitive villager - this must be the one who summoned me.

Hear it here! I apparently had AIM running in the background when I recorded this, and managed to catch a ding from it at the beginning; I don't have any saves anywhere near this anymore, so you'll have to deal with it. Sorry.

I address her curtly, wasting no time on formalities.

I have no patience for the ramblings of this old woman. State your business or begone!

I am almost insulted by this act. Have these primitives no respect?

If this is some ruse, I will reduce this village to ashes, mark my words!

If this is true, I must address it. But first, I must assess the situation.

I will not allow weakness; even in death, they might still be of use.

Fine, then. I exit the cave, and take stock of my surroundings.

I will return to him later. For now, I must appraise the situation.

These spirits are numerous. From them, I will obtain the information I require.

Hear it here!

This must be the 'blood of the angry mountain' the woman who called me spoke of.

There, on the mountain, stands Quetzalcoatl himself. I will destroy him where he stands and put an end to this!

As I approach him, he conjures some magic and blasts me from the mountaintop.

His powers are great indeed!

To Be Continued