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Part 31: , Continued

Woo, thanks. Time to fill this page with pictures too!

Regarding the Aztec level commentary, yeah, it really didn't have as much "Oh my GOD!" stuff as the previous levels did, but the music is awesome. That makes up for it.

Chapter 8, Continued

To the west of the previous spirit, I find the Jaguar Temple itself. Here, I will bolster my strength and defeat Quetzalcoatl.

It seems I will have to perform this rite before I am allowed enterance.

Still your tongue, crone! Show some respect!

He earns far more honor for dying in battle then you do for sitting here washing pots, woman!

Well, this conversation took a 180 degree turn.

I collect the bowl. Perhaps this will be of some use to me.

I have little patience for this!

So the fisherman liked the Water Temple. This knowledge does me little good.

This insolence will not go unpunished! I will not tolerate this attitude!

Did you not look for her? You found no body? Yet you labor here, languishing in your own sorrow?

A tomb? I Must remember this - perhaps something within will be useful in overcoming his power.

Oh. Well. That was easy.

I push the totem pole down, creating a bridge for me to use to reach the Wind Temple.

I push the bolders aside, and step into the temple.

To Be Continued...