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Part 32: To Be Continued

enigma74 posted:

the suspense! please keep going


I push the stones aside, and head into the Temple of Wind...

Cinematic: Lost Girl
Disgusted that her father stopped looking as soon as he did, I hoist the girl onto my shoulder and take her back to her parents.

Having delivered the girl safely to her father, I leave their run-down dwellings and head over to the Temple of Water. I must find a way to get across this putrid water.

This statue seems ready to tip over. Perhaps...

The statue falls easilly into the lava, causing it to overflow into the water flooding the temple. The lava quickly hardens, creating...

...a crude bridge.

I head across, and spot another spirit, lingering in the water!

I turn my attention back to the temple.


I can press on these plates to depress them, but I do not know why or in what order. The woman said the fisherman used to like the Temple of Water - maybe he will know what these are for.

I have little patience for this. Time is of the essence!

I am clearly not going to get any useful information from him. I will consult his wife.

Ahh. I see, now.

I return to the temple, armed with this new knowledge.

The fisherman's creed is represented in the panels on the wall of the temple - pushing them in the correct order will allow me to take something from inside (which we'll see in a moment).

After pressing the panels, I step on the slab in front of the door, and it slides open.

The Water Totem is now accessible to me.

And I spot a ruby fish on the floor as I turn to leave. I'll take this with me also. As far as I can tell, the only purpose of the fish is as a not-so-subtle hint to seek out the fisherman for information on accessing the totem.

Water Totem in hand, I return to the Wind Temple to claim the totem there as well.

The girl I rescued spent some time in this temple - perhaps she will have some insight regarding these gongs.

Interesting. I return at once to the temple.

The gongs, when clicked, begin to ring, and fade eventually if you wait too long. As far as I'm aware, the only way to solve this puzzle is through trial and error, though it's not very difficult nonetheless. You simply have to click the gongs in the correct order - hitting the wrong one makes them all stop ringing, so it's obvious when you've made a mistake.

After some trial and error, I set all of the gongs ringing. The sound shatters the crystal dome, and the Wind Totem is mine for the taking.

Now we've got these two totems, but I'm still missing the third, which lies inside the Jaguar Temple. There's still one area I've yet to explore - the road leading off behind the Jaguar Temple itself. Hopfully there, I will find the answers to the Jaguar's riddle.

To Be Continued