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Part 33: , Continued

Zenaida posted:

Olmec is awesome and a half. Also one of the cinematics shows Max working on the virus, we see his computer screen saying "Test failed" or some such and he's all frustrated, then he realizes something and says, "Of course, the answer was right here in front of my face" as the camera pans away from the computer screen and shows photos on Max's desk, one of which is of a man, maybe Max himself or a relative of his, in a pith helmet and khakis in exploring a jungle somewhere.

This isn't the end of the cinematic sequence - only part 2 of 3. Let's check out the third one!

Chapter 8, Continued

Now that I have the second totem, I proceed behind the Jaguar Temple, hoping to find some clue as to the third.

Hear it here!

I missed a line of dialog - he opens with his standard 'Old man! What say you?' greeting.

Do not toy with me, old man! Give me a strait, complete answer or I will use your corpse as a stepping stone to reach the tree!

This guy always makes me think of Dhalsim - "Yoga fire!"

I return to the stonemason. I must have this ritual performed!

Yes, I-

Oh. I didn't talk to the one at the beginning of the level. Shit.

Very well. I will return shortly!

I return to the waterfall and speak with the spirit I saw there earlier.

Armed with this knowledge, I return once again to the stonemason.

Having screenshots of them all made this much easier then it was before! No backtracking, hurray!

Then we must hurry!

Now I can reach the pod.

I wade through the lava to the tree, impervious to the lava's heat.

There, I collect the pod and wade back, to bring it to the witch.

He runs off to meet his fate head on. A true warrior!

Cinematic: Witch Doctor's Death

I find his body on the alter shortly thereafter. He has performed his chosen duty to the village admirably.

Then I will seek it out, after I obtain the Jaguar Totem.

I take out the bowl I picked up earlier, and fill it with the dying witch doctor's blood.

And in his hut, I find the other half of the Jaguar's riddle.

Surely now the temple will open to me!

I fill the left basin with the blood I collected.

I then place the crystal heart in the right.

The totem! It is mine, finally.

Humph. The totem is held fast. Perhaps these are used to release it.

Along the steps, I spot symbols similar to those on the dials.

The dials must simply be aligned in the order of the symbols on the steps. Easy, but damn is it a pain if you don't spot the symbols right away.

Completing the sequence unlocks the statuette, and the totem is mine!

When the totem is taken, a beam of light connects the three temples...

Cinematic: Mystic Temples

...and the statue of Quetzalcoatl I spotted earlier shatters!

I place the three totems in the depressions in it...

...and a hidden path is revealed!

Cinematic: Max's Discovery, Part 3

Ahh, so now we see the truth of it. Max wasn't the patient who escaped the asylum and stole an orderly's car after all. Everything we've believed is being unravelled at the seams - is there an asylum at all?

Chapter 8, Part 2: The Maze

I'm not going to show every step of the way through this, just the highlights. It's not difficult, and not very long wayway.

I find myself in an intricate maze of walkways below the village. This must be Quetzalcoatl's crypt!

Throughout the maze, these energy-covered tiles prevent passage, returning Olmec to the beginning if he steps on one.

Also periodically, the path collapses in front of him. No chance of falling, it just ends up being annoying as a path you thought you could take turns out to be a dead end.

There's a stone blocking the path that's required to reach the end, and this release switch raises it.

And here, we have the ultimate destination.

I have found it!

I place the mask on my face, and go to face Quetzalcoatl!

Cinematic: Volcano to House

Chapter 9: The Gauntlet

What's happening?! I don't know what's real and what's not anymore!

To Be Continued...