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Part 4: Continued

Chapter 2 Continued

Now that I know my name, I imagine I can get a little more information (or lack thereof) out of the two children playing Tic-Tac-Toe by the statue... but I'll take a look around town, first, and see if I can find anything to ask them about.

This shed looks promising...

...or not. Shit. Maybe the barrels?

Strike two.

Yikes - what happened here? Let's go down and check it out - maybe this crash has something to do with what's wrong with this town.

Gasoline. I'll steer clear of that.

Almost normal. It's sad when that's descriptive enough to pick someone out of a crowd.

Who is this Mother all the kids referr to? They seem to all mean the same person - perhaps they're from an orphanage?

Save them?

So this must be what's causing all of these deformities - a disease! Now we're getting somewhere.

...disease of meat? Diseased meat? Could diseased meat have caused all of this?

Missing a shot here...

"How's the fishing going?"

I passed the church on my way here - it's behind the angelic statue.

"Went away"? I wonder where they went to...

And who's Dennis? That's all he was willing to tell me, so I go back up to town, and investigate some of the buildings. The first one appears to be a schoolhouse...

Seems this hasn't been used in a long time.

A Bible verse on the sign. Something about that sounds familiar... Let's see... The angel! Back in the asylum tower, when I put the key into the base of the angel statue... she said, "Listen! Hear the cries of the children... the innocent are dying, and you only think of yourself... can you not see the light of heaven has dimmed?" She told me to "Seek the truth." The truth about what? The disease infecting this town?

As I step through the door, a fleeting memory passes through my mind...

Cinematic: Wedding

What in Hell...

Beside the door, I find a small lecturn, on which are some documents. Let's see...

The... comet? Anger? Why would God be angry with the townspeople?

There's another article here...

That's... that's attrocious! What kind of place is this?

Finding nothing else of interest, I exit the church, and move on to the last building in the row. Seems to be some kind of municipal building...

In an old beat-up filing cabinet, I find some more documents. Thumbing through them...

The same comet Reverend O'Toole referred to, no doubt.

A pumpkin fair. How quaint.

Altered it's path? That's odd. And yet another reference to "The Eye of God".

As I exit the municipal building, I pass a small wading pool and a rubber hose.

I try to steal it, because, well, you never know when a hose could be useful, for... something, I guess, but alas, my attempted crime proves unfruitful.

There's that damned sign again, and... in the water beside the bridge, a cross. Perhaps part of the church - but I can't reach it.

Also, it appears the exit to the town has been blocked, by vines of all things - clearly nobody's passed this way in a long time, in or out. So where could all of the adults have gone? They couldn't have been gone long enough for this to grow...

To be continued...