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Part 5: Continued

Chapter 2 Continued

Nearby the vine-blocked road, I spot a small shack. I'll go check it out.

Inside, there's a bed and a small dresser - hardly what I'd call accomodating. Who'd live here?

Pawing through the dresser, I find a diary...

...and a newspaper article. Not wanting to pry into someone's personal business, I put down the diary, and read the article.

Intrigued, I throw my common decency out the door and pick that diary back up. Let's see...

Oh, no...

Could this be the comet that was mentioned before?

Jesus... What's wrong with these people?

I put the diary down, and head outside. I try to check out the barn, but it's blocked, by more vines. They are indeed thicker, here...

With nowhere else to go, I head back into town - I guess I'd better stop putting it off, and talk to those two bratty kids by the angelic statue again.

Tic-Tac-Toe Champion? Quite a prestigious honorific.

Ha! I remembered it this time!


Ugh. Brattier by the minute. I know...

I'll find out where her parents are, and tell them what a bitch she's being...


Damn it! That boy had to butt in and ruin my plans!

The conversations in the game are done via clicking keywords, not a continuous conversation - hense the jumping around between topics.

The patch? The pumpkin patch?

Maria? But what could be so bad about a pumpkin patch?

Suuure you are.

I'll show this prude who's the best at this stupid game...

Sounds easy enough...

Mother... did that? Oh Jesus! What kind of fucked up place is this?!

My thoughts exactly!

Yeah, well, you're just a little, stupid, ugly girl!

I play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with her, and beat her soundly. The day is mine!

And you're a charming example of feminine superiority... bitch.

Her brother butts in once more.

Her brother butts in once more.

That's all I can get from her. So I move on to her brother...

To Be Continued...