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Part 7: Continued

Chapter 2 Continued

Incoming huge block of dialog. If you'd rather hear it, get it here. Once again, please don't rape my bandwidth.

Shelving my revoltion at her twisted body aside, I take a deep breath and introduce myself to the girl.

I can't imagine why...

Just to... uh... make sure the other kids weren't lying.

Again with the 'Mother' stuff. But Maria doesn't seem to like her much - I can use this to my advantage.

Damn strait, I don't.

Thanks for the reminder...

A number of new dialog options open up, at this point.

Let's start at the beginning.

Oh, Hell. Maybe I won't get anything out of her after all...


Sonofabitch! But I got further then I had with anyone else. I'll try asking about something else.

Again with this 'pumpkin patch' stuff.

Wh... what?

That's horrible!


Everything will be better?!

Lord! What kind of place is this?!

Mad... about the pumpkins?

So... Mother came... when the comet did? That's unusual...

Maria has nothing more to say, and while there's still an area of the town I haven't been to, I think it's high time I find out what's going on here. I make my way slowly to the pumpkin patch gate, keeping an eye out for crows.

The lock is the type where you have three round spinners numbered 0-10. So I need 3 single digit numbers. I realized after I did this that I hadn't actually discovered enough information to have the combination, yet - I just had it written down from a previous playthrough. There's only three mentions of single digit numbers in the town, and after finding them, it's only a matter of trying the various orders they can go in, and you arrive at the combination. Rather then going back and talking to the appropriate people first (I didn't have a saved game there), you'll just have to take my word for it - we'll talk to them soon enough anyway.

I try a few combinations of numbers and sure enough - the lock pops open.

I arm myself with a scythe I found lying by this old tractor. Just as Maria said, I can see the crows flying around the patch.

I make my way through the patch, slicing the birds down as they come at me - there seem to be a neverending swarm, but I slowly gain ground, until...

...I find the scarecrow.

The scarecrow comes at you with a pitchfork and tries to murder you. He's also invincible. But if you smash up the pumpkins around his pole...

Got him!

Exiting the now-clear pumpkin patch after discarding my scythe, I strike gold: this must be the comet itself.



An old rundown tractor.

I open her up and find some jumper cables - can't hurt to take those.

On the side of the barn, I notice a poster - for the circus, how quaint.

And after delaying as much as possible, the only thing left to do is... go into the barn itself.

To Be Continued...