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by Joudas

Part 8: Continued

Chapter 2 Continued

I prepare myself mentally for whatever I might find when I open that barn door... but nothing could properly prepare me for what is to come.

Cinematic: Mother

Oh, Jesus!

I step into the barn, and she... it speaks to me.


It sounds really disgusting when you put it that way...

And they're not now?

No consequence?

And it took me quite a bit of effort to figure that out!

Do I? We'll see about that.

And with that, she throws me out of the barn with the tentacles entwined about my feet the whole time.

As she does, something falls from a shelf in the barn and lands in the doorway.

A wrench? I can't kill her with a wrench. I'll have to go back into town and seew hat I can find - there must be a way.

To Be Continued...

Not going to be able to update this again until Friday - going to go camp out for a PS3. Feel free to make fun of me for sitting around a Wal*Mart for 24 hours for a console, in the meantime.