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Part 9: , Continued

Wal*Mart in my area had some problems with their PS3 shipment - so more updates it is!

Chapter 2, Continued

As I exit the pumpkin patch, I stop and talk to Maria once more.

Wh... what?

She begins explaining, but breaks off partway through, and Mother begins talking through her!

I leave Maria and hurry to the last remaining part of town I haven't yet explored: the graveyard. As I near the gate, a memory surfaces...

Cinematic: Funeral

There're a number of kids standing around in the graveyard. I cautiously approach the first, and make a startling observation!

I ask him what his name is, and...

Ahh, O'Toole, he must be the preacher's son.

What a bratty kid!

Let's make sure my assumption was correct.

Thought so.

Although I already know the answer...

What? What's that supposed to mean?

Damn it! Why won't anyone in this town give me a strait answer!

Old question, but may as well ask it.

So I've seen.

What is this?! Are all of these kids brainwashed?!

Jesus! I've got to do something, and fast!

Moving on...

Well, this kid's polite, at least.

Might as well start at the beginning.

Oh. Helpful.

So they take their orders from Dennis, it seems.


Not you, too!


Derrek won't talk to me anymore, so... moving along.

I think that accurately describes most of the kids in this town...

Lumpy? That's horrible.

My name's quite cool enough, thank you.

I already know the answer, but...

She's gotten to everyone!

And just like that, I've antagonized yet another of these kids - he refuses to talk to me anymore.

Next, the boy in the sailor costume.

These kids are child predator victims waiting to happen... I tell them my name, and suddenly I'm not a stranger anymore?

Yes, yes, I know that. But what I really want to know is...



I was just trying to help...

Only one girl left to talk to.

Hey! Thanks.

Yes, but...

She's taking care of you alright...

Just, uh... refreshing my memory.

Hide-and-go-seek, huh?

Oh, geez.

Oh, you heard it too?

Yeah! All boys are gross! They have cooties.

What's wrong with these kids?!

Back to Dennis, to ask about playing a game with them.

Hey, welcome to the '80s.

A prize?

A... secret weapon? I don't like the sound of that.

Ok, you do have a point.

A-ha! I'm sure there's something useful in there! ...because this is an adventure game and there's always something useful inside anywhere you need to go to a lot of trouble to get to, of course!

Shouldn't be too hard. The town's not very big, after all.

I count to ten...

And they're gone! Geez that was fast!

Now to find them, and their "secret weapon", get that key, and find something to kill Mother with!

To be continued...