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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 1: Blake's Hotel 1

Click here to watch the intro. I recommend watching it!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Scooby-Doo, allow me to introduce the cast.

From left to right; Velma, the smart girl. Shaggy, the eternally hungry hippy. Daphne, the rich hot girl. Scooby-Doo, Shaggy's equally hungry talking dog. And Fred, the guy with the ascot.

Daphne: He says the snow is great this time of year. I can't wait to hit the slopes.

Velma: Jinkies, you guys are such cowards! What are you going to do with yourselves all weekend if you don't ski with us?

Shaggy: Room service!

Scooby Doo: Reh! Reh!

Shaggy: Hello, room service? Another pizza, please.

Scooby Doo: Two rizzas!

Daphne: To each his own, right guys?

Fred: I think I see his hotel up ahead.

Fred: Really? I thought this was a busy time of year.

Uncle Blake: If this keeps up, I'll be bankrupt!

Shaggy: G-g-ghost?

Uncle Blake: I knew I shouldn't have said anything.

Fred: We don't believe in Ghosts, Uncle Blake.

Shaggy: Speak for yourself, Fred!

Fred: Uncle Blake, tell us about this ghost.

Uncle Blake: Not much to tell. He showed up about a month ago and started running me broke.

Fred: Who's the Ancient Chieftain?

Uncle Blake: A long time ago, the Indians used this place as a burial ground.

Shaggy: You mean like from India?

Velma: No, silly. He means Native Americans.

Uncle Blake: The Ancient Chieftain was a famous warrior around these parts about two hundred years ago. They say he's buried nearby.

Fred: Why would the ghost of the Ancient Chieftain by haunting you?

Uncle Blake: I don't know for certain. But the Gardener claims the Chieftain doesn't like his land being used for a hotel. What I can't figure out is how come it took so long for him to get mad about it.

Fred: Where was this ghost seen last?

Uncle Blake: The cook saw him across the river just yesterday.

Fred: Come on, guys. Let's check out that area.

Uncle Blake: The only ones who stayed were the cook and the gardener. If you talk to the cook nicely, maybe he'll make you something to eat. Let's move inside where it's warm, hmm?

Blake enters his office

And so the game begins!

Before we go into the game mechanics, though, I recommend watching This video so you can hear the Blake's Hotel Theme

This video also gives you a good idea of what exactly Scooby does during the game. That is, randomly wander around the room and point out various things of interest.

Anyway, pressing the B button will bring up the cross-hair next to Shaggy.

Moving it over objects will allow Shaggy to interact with them.

If you move it to the bottom of the screen, you'll be able to pick and choose from the actions listed on the bottom menu.

Luckily, the game is usually smart enough to pick the best option available for each item. For example, The game knows that you most likely want to use the bell instead of looking at it.

Let's try using the bell.


Pressing the C button will switch the bottom menu to your Inventory. press it again to go back to the action menu.

With that taken care of, let's explore the Hotel. Let's see what Uncle Blake is up to.

Let's take a look around and search for clues, starting with the chalkboard.

Shaggy: I hope he's okay!

let's check out his desk. Maybe there's something inside?

Shaggy: You know, for cutting stuff

Thanks, Shaggy. I take the scissors anyway.

[Look Book Collection]

One of the books seems to be missing, though...

[Look Missing Book]

Shaggy: One of the books is missing. I think that's a clue!

Thanks, Shaggy.

[Look heater]

Shaggy: It's a little electric heater. Nice and warm, too!

I'll take it!

[Look Plaque]

Hmm... it seems like Blake knows a lot about Native Americans.

Anyway, let's head back to the lobby and look around.

Shaggy: A creepy picture. The eyes look weird.

[Look Mailbox]

Shaggy: Nothing there but cobwebs.

[Look Fire]

Shaggy I like fires. Too bad there's no marshmallows.

Okay then...

Shaggy Get real. Even I won't eat that

Eh, worth a shot.

[Look Zebra]


Let's head down to the Cafe next.

Apparently Scooby doesn't like this guy.

Also what the hell is up with that painting of chickens? That always bothered me as a kid.

Shaggy: Um, Mister Cook?

Cook: Whaddya want, kid?

Shaggy: Hey, where's the chow?

Cook: You kids look well fed. Buzz off.

Shaggy: Can't you just make us a quick hamburger?

Cook: I'll make you INTO a hamburger if you don't stop bothering me!

Shaggy: I NEED a pizza fix real soon!

Cook: You're gonna need a body fix real soon!

Shaggy: Some cook you are, leaving poor kids to starve!

Cook: Well... Nah, you guys don't need any food.

Shaggy: Forget it.

Cook: And don't come back!

What an asshole.

[Look Cash Register]

Shaggy: Where's the ON switch?

Shaggy: Mondolock Lock Company

We can't get the key while the Chef is still here, so we'll have to come back for that later.

[Look Radio]

Shaggy: I didn't know they still made old radios like this!

Unfortunately, we can't use the radio. At least, I never found a way to make it play music. We'll be messing with it later, though.

[Look Bottle of Oil]

Shaggy: Olive Oil. Wonder if it's okay to drink?


Let's open up this cabinet.

Shaggy: Good for opening cans of all types.

I have a feeling that we're going to need this, so I take it.

We'll we're done with this place.

Let's head outside and see what's out there.

Oh dear god it's a bear.

[Look bear]

Shaggy: Zoinks! I hope he doesn't wake up!

Let's try talking to him!

[Talk to Bear]

Shaggy: I can't talk to that.

All right then...

[Push bear]

Shaggy: You've got to be kidding!

Fine, then...


Okay, I'll stop harassing the bear.

For now.

Shaggy: Do you think the guy that modeled for this got better?

[Look Christmas Lights]

Shaggy: Pretty.

[Look Outlet]

Shaggy: For plugging stuff in.

[Look Snow Covered Doors]

Shaggy: Ungh! Can't budge it. The snow on top is too heavy.

Let's move on.

Hello there mister snowman.

[Look Snowman]

You lost me...

[Look Shovel]

Shaggy: Like, it's the Jolly Green Giant's spoon, man!

[Take Shovel]

We're gonna need this to uncover the basement doors.

Aww, the poor snowman looks so sad without his shovel.

let me put you out of your misery.

I am a monster.

[Look Snowman hat]

Shaggy: It's a ratty snowman hat.

[Take hat]

What's this thing doing here?

Shaggy: There's a bell inside this block of ice.

[Take Frozen Bell]

Best to take it with us, then.

Now that we have the Shovel, let's take care of the snow covering the basement doors.

And of course, the basement doors are also locked.

[Look locked doors]

Shaggy: that's a pretty big lock!

Indeed it is, Shaggy, indeed it is.

With that done, let's head back inside.

Time to check out the second floor.

Shaggy: This probably goes to the kitchen.

We can use the Dumbwaiter, but there's no point in doing so just yet.

For anyone who has played this game, they should know this hallway very well.

What happens next needs to be seen in video

Now that we've explored nearly every room in Blake's Hotel, we can begin with the actual investigation!