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Scooby Doo Mystery

by Tobias Grant

Part 2: Blake's Hotel 2

After going through that chase scene, this door will unlock.

This place holds a bunch of items that we need, and another wierd painting.

Let's check inside the drawers first. Inside this one was... a book!

Shaggy: I bet this is the missing book!

[Take book]

And inside this drawer is...


[Look Antacid]

Shaggy: Pink medicine for your stomach. Wonder if it tastes good?

[Take Antacid]

Now we can check out the rest of the room.

[Look Bed Spring]

Shaggy: Kinda like a tough slinky


[Look Poison Oak]

Shaggy: Yikes! And this guy is the gardener!

[Take Poison Oak]

Shaggy: No way! I'll be itching for weeks if I touch that stuff!

Guess I'll need to come back later for that.

[Look Air Freshener]

Shaggy: We used to have one of these hung up in the Mystery Machine.

[Take Air Freshener]
Now you have a new one. Congrats.

[Look Antenna]

Shaggy: I think this is really a coat hanger.

[Take Antenna]

Oh dear.

Shaggy: I guess I don't really want it after all.

Fun fact, you can use the television here, but all it does is light up the room with flickers of light.

Now it's time to use the Dumbwaiter.

Time to give this place a lookover, starting with this pot.

Shaggy: Looks heavy. Bet it packs a whallop, though!

[Take pot]

[Look Note]

Shaggy: 'Eggs, cheese, bread, milk... Arsenic?' Creepy!

[Take note]
There's no reason for taking the note, but I'll hang on to it anyway.

[Look Refrigerator]

Shaggy: I can just picture the goodies inside!

[Open refrigerator]
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Shaggy: How can it be empty? It's a refrigerator! I feel so betrayed.

[Look refrigerator]

Shaggy: A torture device for the hungry!

Not all is lost, however.

Shaggy: Hmm! A meal fit for a king!

Scooby: Reh! Reh!

[Take chili]
Ah yeah.

[Use Can Opener with Chili Can]
I feel like Shaggy deserves at least some kind of meal by now.

Shaggy: Slurp! Poor chili never had a chance!

Eating the chili gives us an empty chili can. Great.

[Look empty chili can]

Shaggy: It's empty, but there's still gunk inside. A tasty little treat if I were small enough to get in there.

If you're sharp-eyed, you may have noticed these beads under the sink. Let's check them out.

Shaggy: They're some kind of Indian beads, I think.

[Take beads]

[Look Flour]

Shaggy: Hey, there's some light back here!

Cool, but first things first.

[Eat flour]

Shaggy: Nah, not raw. That'd be gross.

Meh, worth a shot.

[Push flour]

Aha! a clue!

Let's take a quick look through the peephole.

Fat man: Did you get Blake?

Skinny man: Of course. He's in the dungeon.

Fat man: I don't trust you. I want to see for myself.

Skinny man: Then see. Here's the instructions on how to get down there.

The skinny man hands the fat man a piece of paper

Fat man: Got it. Now get rid of that before someone sees it.

The fat man hands the paper back to the skinny man.

Skinny man: Of course.

Before that, though, we still need to finish checking out this kitchen.

[Look Kitchen Sink]

Shaggy: Hmm, water, faucet, basin, drain; yup, it's a sink alright.

[Use pot with sink]

We're gonna need some water if we're gonna get that note.

[Look microwave]

Shaggy: Ten thousand watts of mega crisping power! Betcha we could toast a few marshmallows in there, huh?

Remember that frozen bell we got? We're gonna need to defrost it, and this microwave here is our best option.

[Use frozen bell with microwave]

[Use Microwave]

Shaggy is not good with machines.

But it did the job, and we now have a cow bell!

Shaggy: 'To Bessie on graduation day.' Weird.

[Take Cow Bell]

[Look Stove]

Shaggy: It's an old wood burning stove.

[Use Stove]

Shaggy: Like, there's no wood, no matches. Besides, I don't have a clue how to run it.

Shaggy: You know, I bet I could get this thing off if I had something to unscrew it with.

Hint Hint. But what are those things crawling behind the vent cover?


Shaggy: I once saw a single termite eat a whole croquet ball!

Well, we don't have a screwdriver, so we'll just have to come back here later. While we could go back up the Dumbwaiter, the kitchen doors are much more convenient.

Chef: You two get outta here before I get really MAD!

Meh, I wonder if he's willing to make us something to eat now.

Nope. Time for plan B.

I wonder if this will taste like bubble gum.

Oh that does not look healthy at all

Chef: I'll get you some right now!

And then he goes into the kitchen.

Leaving this key unprotected. Yoink!

Hmmm... I wonder...

[Open Cash Register]

Shaggy: Snooping is one thing, but that's a little too close to stealing for me.

Ah, you're no fun.

Now, next is an item you probably wouldn't know about unless you obsessively used every action with every item in the game. What you've got to do is push this here Radio...

And then open it up to reveal its battery.

[Look battery]

Shaggy: DuraReady Megavolt (TM) Energy Cell. Cool.

[Take Battery]

Alright, we're now completely done with the cafe. Time to head out and...

Shit! I forgot that the Chef was making some food for Shaggy!

Chef: I made you a sandwich, but you were gone, so I ate it.

Oh you asshole.

So hey! This note. Let's look at it.

Shaggy: I can't see it from here.

Alright then.

[Take Note]

Shaggy: Yee-owch! The fire is too hot. I can't get it!

Fire indeed hot, good thing we have a big ol' pot of water.

[Use pot o' water with Fire]

Now let's try to take it.

[Look at note]

Shaggy: Fifth bottle from the left, third bottle down. What bottles?

Hmm, we'll worry about that later.

Let's try using the Cowbell here since the bell on the counter doesn't work.

Hey there!

Wait, I thought the only people who still worked here was Blake, the Chef, and the Gardener. Who's this guy?

[Talk to Bellhop]

Shaggy: Excuse me... Are you from around here?

Bellhop: My people have been here for centuries.

Shaggy: How do you know that?

Bellhop: It's my hobby. I've studied our history a lot, and I collect ancient artifacts, too.

Shaggy: Cool.

Bellhop: It's pretty neat, I think.

Shaggy: Have you seen Uncle Blake?

Bellhop: No, but I wish I knew where he was. I need my paycheck.

Shaggy: Aren't you scared of the ghost?

Bellhop: Nope. I know a lot about my people's history, and I've never heard of this Ancient Chieftain character. I think it's all some kind of scam.

Shaggy: Well, gotta go.

Bellhop: Check out time is eleven SHARP.

Hmm, this guy said that he collects artifacts... I wonder if he'll like the beads I picked up?

[Give beads to Bellhop]

Shaggy: Here's some beads I found.

Bellhop: Many thanks. But what I'm really looking for is a Kachina doll. I found one in the woods a few days ago, but I must have dropped it on the way home. I could kick myself for that!

Well, that's all that we can do inside the Hotel, time to head back out into the freezing cold.

I wonder if the key we picked up will open this lock?

[Look lock]

Shaggy: Mondolok lock company. Since 10 B.C. Guaranteed to withstand hammers, chisels, and...

Shaggy: I can see this being a problem.

[Use key with lock]


Shaggy: That got it!

look at all these goodies.

[Look crowbar]

Shaggy: Wonder why they call it a crowbar? Doesn't look much like any crow I ever saw.

[Look weed killer]

Shaggy: Aren't you glad you're not a weed?

[Look work gloves]

Shaggy: These don't look very warm, but they're pretty tough.

I grab all three of the items, and then head for the basement doors.

Time to check out the basement.


[Look rack]

Shaggy: A rack with bottles in it.

Bottles, you say? Hmm...

[Look locker]

Shaggy: Pretty beat up. I bet if we push it... nah, skip it.

While we can't push it, we can open it to reveal an extension cord.

[Look extension cord]

Shaggy: Safe up to ten zillion volts.

[Take extension cord]

Shaggy: Craftsdude! This is a sturdy screwdriver, alright.

[Take screwdriver]

Now let's see what at the top of those stairs...

Excellent, now that we have a bunch of extra items, we can grab a few more things in the hotel.

before that, though...

[Use Book with Missing Book]

Shaggy: That's where it belongs, but I might need it.

Good point, Shaggy. Anyway, time to finish our little collectathon.


Now I can get at those termites! And luckily, I have just the thing to put them in.

Shaggy: That's it, dudes! Dinnertime!


Shaggy: A chili can with termites inside.

And before I forget, we need to push this Refrigerator.

So that we can get this.

Shaggy: The top from a soda can! Cool! I collect these!

[Take soda tab]

Next, we need to get across this river. Unfortunately, Shaggy is too much of a wimp to push the Totem Pole over and make a bridge. That's where the bear comes in. Now we just need to wake him up somehow.

Maybe we can use this outlet?

No, not like that, Shaggy!

There you go. Now we just need to try and coax the bear into pushing the Totem pole over.

[Push bear]

Shaggy: That would be suicide

Okay then, time to improvise.


I can't believe that worked. Time to cross the river!

I don't like the look of those eyes at all.

[Look eyes]

Shaggy: Zoinks! It looks hungry to me!

[Look pole]

Shaggy: Say, wonder if we could catch anything?

[Take pole]

[Look rope]

Shaggy: Just normal rope, man.

[Take rope]

Damn, luckily, we have something to cut the rope with.

[Use Scissors with Rope]

[Take rope]

Now there's just one last item we need to get before we head back to the hotel. Unfortunately, we have to fish it out.


Fish enough times, and eventually this doll will pop out.

[Look doll]

Shaggy: It's some kind of old doll.

[Take doll]

I know just the person to give this doll to.

Here you go.

Shaggy: Here's your doll, guy.

Bellhop: You will not regret this, I promise you!

The Bellhop then gives us a goblet in exchange for the doll

Bellhop: Many thanks, friend!

[Look Goblet]

Shaggy: Definitely better than the doll

Best to take it with us, then.

Now there's just one last item that I need to get, and that's a Christmas light.

Unfortunately, Shaggy can't quite reach them.

Time to improvise!

This is quite silly.

Anyway, while you're bouncing, you can easily take a Christmas light.

Shaggy: It's a little light bulb

Now we just have to use this crumpled note on the Rack, and...

Shaggy: Yeah! That's gotta be the answer!

Open Sesame!

Next, we explore the caves under Blake's Hotel!